Category: Reconstruction: Outcomes & Complications

MP14-14 - Short and Medium-term outcomes of Ureteric reimplantation

Sat, Sep 22
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Introduction & Objective :

Ureteric reimplantation (UR) is indicated for the management of strictures, reflux and reconstruction after pelvic surgery. We investigated the outcome of this procedure at our institution.

Methods :

In this retrospective study, we analysed the short and medium-term outcomes for patients who underwent UR over the last seven years. Data analysis included Students T-test, calculated as mean ± SEM.

Results :

Eighty two (82) UR were performed in 75 patients. This included 40 females and 35 males with an average age of 47 years (range 17-82 years). UR were performed in 6 subsets of patients: pelvic mass excisions n=15 (20%), bladder & ureteric reconstruction n=14 (19%), iatrogenic injury n=7 (9%), trauma n=1(1%), post-transplant ureteric stricture n=34 (45%) and ureteric malignancy n=4 (5%).

The preoperative average haemoglobin (Hb) =121(±3.7), creatinine (Creat) =122 (±7.9) & eGFR=58 (±3.0), and early postoperative Hb =107 (±2.79), Creat= 114 (±8.0), eGFR= 60 (±3). Analysis revealed a statistically significant (P<0.0002) difference between preoperative and postoperative Hb and no statistical difference in creatinine and eGFR. Post-operative scans (USScan, MAG3) demonstrated significantly improved drainage, and UR for functional reconstruction showed significant symptom improvement. The average hospital stay was 11.8 days, with a mortality rate of n=6 (8%) with these patients dying due to underlying conditions. No significant morbidity or mortality was reported due to UR.

Conclusions :

Ureteric reimplantation is a robust procedure with minimal morbidity. Our study demonstrates good outcomes, with no deterioration in renal function at one and two-year follow-up.

Motaz ELMAHDY. Hassan

Specialist Registrar in Urology
Aberdeen Royal Infirmary
Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

Anita Chithiramohan

House Officer
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham
Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Dr Chithiramohan is a UCL-graduate junior doctor working at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. Following her Integrated BSc in Primary Care, she has presented her research in psychiatry, general practice and urology both nationally and internationally, as both oral and poster presentations, and has won prizes for her publications. She enjoys clinical medicine and pursues her passion to teach medical students.

Nicholas Inston

Consultant Renal Surgeon
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham
Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Mohammed Belal

Consultant Urological Surgeon
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham
Birmingham, England, United Kingdom