Category: Robotic Surgery: UpperTract - Malignant

VS7-7 - Robotic Partial Nephrectomy In A Patient With Vena Cava Sinistra

Sat, Sep 22
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Introduction & Objective : A persistent left superior vena cava (VCSSP) is the most common variation of the thoracic venous system. A VCSSP comes in 0.3% of the population. Left sided vena cava occurs due to persistance of left supracardinal vein and may go unnoticed either by radiologist or surgeon before the operation.

Methods : Eighthy nine years old female patient applied to our clinic without any symptom, and incidentally discovered renal mass. Abdominal MRI showed 29.7x28.3x32.7 mm mass on medial zone-inner pole of left kidney. Left sided vena cava was not reported by radiologist. Tumour Padoa score was 11. Robotic partial nephrectomy have been done to patient.

Results : Operation period was 150 minutes and bleeding was 200ml in unidentified venous type. Ischemia period calculated as 20 minutes and no intaoperative complication have been seen. Patient hospitalized for 3 days and postoperatively 3rd month computed tomoghraphy of abdomen had showed no recurrence.

Conclusions : Either surgeon or radiologist should be aware of persistent left sided vena cava and surgeon must keep on mind challenging side of that type cases.

Kamranbay Gasimov

Research Assistant
Istanbul University
Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

Mustafa Bilal Tuna

Acibadem Maslak Hospital, Department of Urology
Is, Istanbul, Turkey

Omer Burak Argun

Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

Ilter Tufek

Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

Faruk Ozcan

Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

Ali Riza Kural

Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey