Category: Robotic Surgery: UpperTract - Malignant

VS7-14 - Robotic assisted Laparoscopic Nephroureterostomy with Bladder cuff excision plus extended lymph node dissection for Upper urinary tract urothelial cancer

Sat, Sep 22
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Introduction & Objective : Upper urinary tract urothelial cancers (UUTUCs) is common in Taiwan, compare with Western country. Radical nephroureterectomy (RNU) with excision of the bladder cuff is the gold-standard treatment for UUTUCs. The newest method was performed with Robotic system assisted laparoscopic surgery. We show a case with metastatic lymph node undergoing for robotic assisted laparoscopic NU + BCE with extend lymph node dissection.

Methods : Use Davinci Si Robotic arms, Four arms System with 12mm assistant port. Twice Docking method.

Results : First Surgeon consule time: 2hrs 57mins. First Docking time: 36mins 28secs. Second Surgeon consule time: 58mins 46secs, Second Docking time: 8mins 16secs. Lymph node dissection area: para-aortic area, inter-cava area, right renal artery area. One artery and one vein was found. EBL: 50ml.

Conclusions : High grade UGUC with Lymph node metastasis could do NU+BCE with robotic assisted accompanied with extend lymph node dissection. Pure minimal invasive procedure could be done and can avoid Gibson excision for BCE. With twice docking method, arm collision could be avoid.

You-Rong Yang

China medical university
BeiTun Distinct, Taichung, Taiwan (Republic of China)

You-Rong Yang, department of urology , China medical university hospital, Taiwan.

Chi-Ping Huang

Visiting staff
BeiTun Distinct, Taichung, Taiwan (Republic of China)

Wei-Hsuan Huang

Chief Resident
EveranHospital, Taiwan
台中市, Taichung, Taiwan (Republic of China)

Wei-Hsuan, Huang, MD
Visiting staff of EveranHospital
Chief Resident of China Medical University Hospital, Department of urology