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MP1-15 - Quality of Knowledge and Psychoscial Impact associated with PSA testing in General population :A systematic Review of the Literature

Thu, Sep 20
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Introduction & Objective :

Prostate carcinoma is the most common cancer in men in the United Kingdom and second most common in men worldwide. Diagnosis of prostate cancer was transformed with the introduction of the serum prostate specific antigen (PSA) test. However, the level of patients’ knowledge and psycho-social impact of PSA testing remains unclear. 
To assess the quality of knowledge and the psychosocial impact associated with PSA testing performed in primary or secondary care. 

Methods :

A systematic review of the quality of men’s knowledge and the psychosocial impact of PSA test performed in the primary or secondary care was carried out in accordance with the principles outlined in the preferred reporting items for systematic reviews and Meta analyses (PRISMA) guidelines. 

Results :

A total of 20 articles fulfilled the inclusion criteria. The studies included originated from 9 countries and involved over 17,939 patients.

Higher education, higher income, and white race are the predictors of patient knowledge of PSA. Previously elevated PSA was associated with an increase of anxiety in screening population undergoing PSA testing. Contradicting information was noted regarding the influence of family history on the perception of patient’s risk of prostate cancer and subsequent PSA testing. Partner, social and media factors influence patients’ decision of undergoing PSA testing. 

Conclusions :

PSA test has a psychological and social impact on the patient. No agreement on the type or best method of delivering the accurate amount and information that can aid those men on their decision to have a PSA test yet exist. 

Banan A.M. Osman

KSS Urology Trainee
Kent Sussex Surrey deanery
London , England, United Kingdom

Haitham Abdelmoteleb

Senior Research Fellow
Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Rebbeca Mosey

Urology Trainee
Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Hrishi Joshi

Consultant Urological Surgeon and Honorary Lecturer
University Hospitla of Wales and Cardiff University
Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom