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MP2-18 - Ethanolic Extract of Cotinus coggygria Leaves Attenuate Crystalluria and Kidney Damage in Ethylene Glycol Induced Urolithiasis in Rats

Thu, Sep 20
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Introduction & Objective : Cotinus coggygria L. is used in Turkish folk medicine as a remedy for a wide range of ailments (1). The aim of the present study was to investigate the preventive and curative effects of Cotinus coggygria extract in ethylene glycol (EG) induced urolithiasis model in rats. 

Methods : 32 Wistar albino rats were randomly divided into Control, EG, Preventive and Curative groups. EG (0.75%) was added into drinking water to develop urolithiasis model. Control group received drinking water for 8 weeks. EG group received EG (0.75%) and Preventive group received both EG and Cotinus coggygria extract for 8 weeks. In Curative group, EG (0.75%) was given for 8 weeks where the extract was received during last 4 weeks. At the end of the experiment, 24-hours urine was collected and after decapitation, kidney tissue samples were obtained.

Results : Urinary ion levels (calcium, citrate) and creatinine were diminished in both preventive and curative groups. Oxalate levels were increased in EG group, while those were maintained at control levels in preventive group and reverted back to control levels in curative group. Furthermore the increased N-acetyl-β-glucosaminidase and myeloperoxidase activities in EG group, were significantly reversed with Cotinus coggygria treatment. 

Conclusions :

Our results support that Cotinus coggygria extract can lower urinary concentration of stone-forming constituents thereby can protect kidney tissue damage. Thus it may be considered as a potential prophylaxis and treatment agent option in patients who have high risk of forming urinary stones.

1. Sener TE, Sener G, Cevik O, Eker P, Cetinel S, Traxer O, Tanidir Y, Akbal C. The Effects of Melatonin on Ethylene Glycol-Induced Nephrolithiasis: Role on Osteopontin mRNA Gene Expression. Urology, 99:287. e9-287.e15.  2. Thamilselvan S, Hackett RL, Khan SR. Lipid peroxidation in ethylene glycol induced hyperoxaluria and calcium oxalate nephrolithiasis. The Journal of urology. 1997;157: 1059-1063.  

Tarık Emre Sener

Marmara University, Department of Urology, Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

Tarik Emre SENER, MD, FEBU
Marmara University, School of Medicine
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He is currently working in Marmara University, School of Medicine, where he is involved in all the medical and surgical management of patients as well as many scientific research projects.
He is the founder member and current general secretary of PETRA Urogroup, an international collaboration group dedicated to scientific and surgical activities on Endourology and Stone Diseases.

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