Category: Clinical Stones: Ureteroscopy

MP24-16 - Does preoperative use of alpha blockers make ureteroscope insertion really easier at vesico ureteric junction and decrease the post-operative pain.

Sun, Sep 23
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Introduction & Objective : To evaluate if using alpha blockers preoperatively can facilitate the negotiation of the ureteroscope through the ureteric orifice and to assess if it can result in decreased pain postoperatively.

Methods : A prospective, randomized study of 136 patients who underwent procedure of ureteroscopic (URS) stone removal for lower or mid ureteric calculi between January 2018 and March 2018. Patient of age more than 18 years were included in the study. They were divided into two groups, (Group A – who took alpha blockers) and group B  (not taken alpha blockers for 5 days preoperatively) .Patients with stone size > 1 cm,  duplex system, who refused to enroll in study, and previous history of ureteroscopic interventions were excluded from study.

Results : Out of the 136 patients, total of 68 patients were prescribed alpha blockers preoperatively (group A). Mean age of the study population was 32.13 + 11.34 years. Mean stone size was 41.42 + 9.5 mm2. There was seen no difference in rate of ureteroscope negotiation through ureteric orifice between the two groups while there was slight decrease in pain in the intervention group but it was not significant (p=0.61).

Conclusions : It was concluded that preoperative use of alpha blockers had no extra beneficial effect in terms of ureteroscope negotiation in ureteric orifice anf post operative decrease in pain.

Nadeem Iqbal

Resident/fellow urology
Shifa International hospital,PKLI
Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan

M. Umar Alam

Consultant urology
Shifa International hospital,PKI
Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan

Aisha Hasan

Research fellow
Riphah university
Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan

Mian Khalid

Asst professor urology
Shifa International hospital,PKI
Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan

Saeed Akhter

professor and Head department
Shifa International hospital,PKI
Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan