Category: BPH/LUTS: Electrosurgery, Lasers & Other Technology

MP11-6 - Impact of different color fiber sleeves on beam hazards of 532nm laser and vaporization efficiency

Fri, Sep 21
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Introduction & Objective : Laser techniques have become increasingly popular for the treatment of urologic diseases, of which the 532nm green light laser has been widely used. However, laser beam will also pose significant hazards for the health of surgeons. In order to reduce beam hazards during surgery, we compared the severity of beam hazards of laser fiber with black sleeves to the traditional fiber with white sleeves, and investigated the effects on vaporization efficiency.

Methods : A total of 18 porcine kidney specimens were vaporized in normal saline at a room temperature under 532nm laser delivered through a 760μm core diameter side firing fiber. Two groups were divided according to the color of fiber sleeves: the white and the black. Each group was then divided into another 3 subgroups by laser power: the 80W group, 120W group and 160W group, respectively. The severity of beam hazards was evaluated by light intensity measured in a sector area at a distance of 0m, 0.5m, 1m from the point of irradiation. The vaporization efficiency was measured by vaporization groove depth(cortex of porcine kidney), with a working distance of 5mm and irradiation time of 10s.

Results : The light intensity measured in black fiber sleeve group is significantly lower than that in white fiber sleeve group(P<0.01), regardless of the measuring distance(0m, 0.5m and 1m) and laser power(80W, 120W and 160W). The light intensity at the point of irradiation was the strongest. No statistical difference was found on vaporization efficiency between groups protected by fiber sleeves of different colors(white/black, P>0.05).

Conclusions :

Compared to traditional white fiber sleeves, more beam hazards will be reduced in the operative region with the protection of black fiber sleeves, especially beam hazards from the irradiation center. Vaporization efficiency is not affected by the color of fiber sleeves. Such findings may offer a completely new idea for the protection of surgeons in surgery with 532nm lasers.

Miao Wang

1. Department of Urology, Beijing Hospital, National Center of Gerontology / 2. Graduate School of Peking Union Medical College/
Beijing, Beijing, China (People's Republic)

Jianlong Wang

Beijing, Beijing, China (People's Republic)

Ming Liu

Beijing, Beijing, China (People's Republic)

Jianye Wang

beijing, Beijing, China (People's Republic)