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MP6-22 - Piranha vs Multicut – First prospective in vivo data of a new prostate-morcellator compared with the reference

Fri, Sep 21
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Introduction & Objective :

To classify the performance of a new morcellator model (Multicut, Jena Surgical GmbH, Germany) (JS) we prospectively compared it with the current reference (Piranha, Richard Wolf GmbH, Germany) (PRW) in daily clinical use.

Methods :

From Jan. - Dec. 2017 the morcellation data of 76 operations (36 PRW, 41 JS) were prospectively recorded.

For the JS, the pump, electronics, control screen and foot switch are integrated in a 140W Ho-laser. The hand piece can be plugged in there. The blades are only available for multiple use. In this study they were disposed after 5 uses.

The PRW is a „stand alone“ device. Due to their better performance, the disposable blades were used.

The suction of the PRW works indirectly via a water container, the JS has a direct outflow. The tissue collector is identical.

The following data were recorded: Weight of the morcellated tissue, morcellation time, morcellation speed (calculated), consumption of irrigation fluid, loss of pieces during morcellation, obstruction with necessity to change tools.

Results :

For Results also see Table 1.

In case of an obstruction with morcellated tissue, the systems presented with a fundamental difference: The JS always obstructed inside the (multiple use) blade. After replacement with a new one, the morcellation was continued immediately. The PRW always obstructed inside the motor handle. For that reason we always have a sterile replacement handle ready in the OR.

There were no bladder injuries or other complications in both series.

Conclusions :

With a 15-35% higher morcellation speed, 20-30% less fluid consumption and a negligible number of piece losses compared to the Piranha, the results with the new morcellator are promising. Nevertheless, this should again be confirmed in a prospective randomized study.

Sven Piesche

Consultant Urologist
Urology, Sana Klinikum Hof, Germany
Hof, Bayern, Germany

Dr. med. Sven Piesche
Section Head Endourology and Laser-Surgery
Dep. of Urology, Sana Klinikum Hof, Germany

Hansjorg Keller

Hof, Bayern, Germany