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MP4-22 - Experience in the treatment of renal pelvic cysts by electroporation with soft ureteroscope under the guidance of B-ultrasound

Fri, Sep 21
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Introduction & Objective :

To investigate the safety and effectiveness of ultrasound-guided intraorbital laser holmium scintigraphy under the guidance of ultrasound in the treatment of parapelvic cysts.

Methods :

The clinical data of 14 cases of parapelvic cysts were retrospectively analyzed. There were 9 males and 5 females. Age 41.5 years, 11 cases of simple cysts, 3 cases with kidney stones. The cysts average 6.3 cm in diameter. General anesthesia, F8.5 soft ureteral soft tube, holmium laser incision, combined with B-guided observation of the collection system and the anatomical position of the cyst. Under direct vision, 200 μm holmium laser fiber is used to open the window to the convex wall of the collecting system, and the diameter of the window is approximately 0.8-1.5 cm according to the size and position of the cyst, so that the cavity is in communication with the collection system, and the double J tube is placed in the cavity. Internal drainage for 4 weeks.

Results :

 In 14 patients, the operation was successful in 13 cases, and 1 case could not find cysts. The average operation time was 25.5 minutes. There were no serious complications such as severe bleeding or ureteral injury. The average length of stay was 3.5 days. After 3 to 23 months of follow-up, 5 cases of cysts disappeared, 8 cases of cysts significantly reduced, no recurrence of cysts.

Conclusions :

B-ultrasonography-guided holmium laser nephrolithotomy under the flexible ureteroscope for the treatment of renal pelvis cysts has the advantages of less invasiveness, rapid recovery, and short-term efficacy. Preoperative examination requires careful screening, combined with B-ultrasound surgery, reducing renal parenchymal injury, prolonged bleeding and other complications, but the long-term efficacy needs further observation and follow-up.

Shuqiu Chen

NanJing, Jiangsu, China (People's Republic)

Guiya Jiang

NanJing, Jiangsu, China (People's Republic)

Ming Chen

Nanjing, Jiangsu, China (People's Republic)