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MP10-7 - A new comprehensive mobile application for kidney stone patients

Fri, Sep 21
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Introduction & Objective :

Urolithiasis is an important worldwide socioeconomic disease. Although EAU and AUA guidelines suggest optimizing drinking and nutrition habits, prophylaxis fails due to low compliance rates. Therefore, we developed a mobile application (App) for patients with kidney stones to increase the compliance in kidney stone patients.

Methods :

In order to include all relevant information for the app, we performed a literature research using PubMed, Google Scholar and clinical recommendations of EAU and AUA. Search through the English and German versions of the App Store and the Google Play Store was also performed to identify the most appropriate design and structure of the future app. 

Results :

As a result of international cooperation the mobile app “StoneMD-Kidney Stones” was created and is available in the English, German and Russian App Store and Google Play Store free of charge. 
The app includes the following features: 
1) "Test" - personal calculation of the stone recurrence risk according to the ROKS nomogram based on individualized recommendations according to AUA Guidelines on medical management of kidney stones and calorie intake requirements (Fig.1).
2) "Water balance" - automatic registration of fluid intake with push-notifications about the necessity to drink water (Fig. 2)
3) "Food balance" - information of the content of calcium, oxalate, purine, protein, citrate, and calories in foods and drinks counting up to 800 products. The selected products can be used as information or can be added to a cart to get the amount of ingredients in total (Fig. 3).
4) "pH diary" – the patient selects the recommended pH range and types in the results of urine pH according to the colors on the smartphone (Fig.4).
5) “Stent tracker” - designed to save the date of ureteral stent insertion, its laterality, and the date of extraction/change to avoid forgotten stents (Fig.5). 

Conclusions :

"StoneMD - Kidney Stones" is the first mobile application for kidney stone patients covering all relevant fields: alimentation, urinary pH diary and a stent tracker to prevent forgotten stents and therefore could be recommended to every kidney stone patient. Regarding stone prophylaxis, the patients compliance might be increased by using this app.

Nariman Gadzhiev

Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University/Nikiforov Russian Center of Emergency and Radiation Medicine
Saint-Petersburg, Leningrad, Russia

Nariman Gadzhiev, MD
Endourology fellow in "The Nikiforov Russian Center of Emergency and Radiation Medicine", Saint-Peterburg, Russia
Endourologist in The Pavlov’s First State Medical University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Benedikt Becker

Asklepios Klinik Barmbek, Department of Urology
Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

Dr. Becker is a resident of urology in the urological department of the Asklepios Hospital Barmbek in Hamburg, Germany. He studied in Giessen and Lübeck (both Germany). His main scientific interest is the broad spectrum of endourology, especially laser treatment of benign prostatic obstruction. He is an active member of the German Society of Urology (DGU), the German Society of Residents in Urology (GeSRU), and the Endourological Society (WCE). At this time, he is participating in the Two Year fellowship program in Endourology/Stone Surgery.

Marcin Popiolek

Consultant Urologist
University Hospital Örebro, Department of Urology
Orebro, Orebro Lan, Sweden

Vladimir Obidnyak

"Saint Luka" Clinical Hospita
Saint-Petersburg, Leningrad, Russia

Aleksei Pisarev

St Petersburg Multiprofile Center
Saint-Petersburg, Leningrad, Russia

Sergei Petrov

Head of urological department
Nikiforov Russian Center of Emergency and Radiation Medicine
Saint-Petersburg, Leningrad, Russia

Andreas Gross

Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany