Category: Clinical Stones: Equipment (stents, lasers, guidewires, sheaths)

MP27-10 - Cost Analysis and Service Delivery on Using Isiris α™ To Remove Ureteric Stents

Sun, Sep 23
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Introduction & Objective :

Isiris α™ (Coloplast®) is an innovative single-use disposable flexible cystoscope with an integrated ureteric stent grasper designed specifically to remove ureteric stents. It allows clinicians to remove ureteric stents easily on the wards or in clinics without the need of arranging a routine and dedicated flexible cystoscopy appointment for patients. We evaluated Isiris α’s practical use and cost analysis against traditional reusable endoscopes.

Methods :

We compared the cost of removing ureteric stents using Isiris α™ in 10 patients prospectively versus traditional flexible cystoscopes in 10 patients retrospectively. The costs of the equipment, medications, reprocess machines, and utility costs were consulted from the relevant departments and companies. As for labour cost, we have sourced British Medical Association (BMA) and Royal College of Nursing (RCN) websites.

Results :

From our study, it costs £260.65 and £123.41 on average to remove a ureteric stent using Isiris α™ and traditional flexible cystoscope respectively (p<0.001). Stent removal in the endoscopy department was delayed in 60% of patients, on average 6.4 days, compared to 0% of patients using Isiris α™ (p = 0.048).

Conclusions :

Although Isiris α™ is shown to be a more expensive option to remove ureteric stents based on our analysis, it still provides clinicians flexibility and ease in removing ureteric stents in the outpatient clinic, reducing the pressure and demand for dedicated flexible cystoscopy slots in the endoscopy department.

Yih Chyn Phan

Urology Registrar
Hereford County Hospital
London, England, United Kingdom

Jonathan Cobley

Urology Registrar
Hereford County Hospital
Hereford, England, United Kingdom

Wasim Mahmalji

Urology Consultant
Hereford County Hospital
Hereford, England, United Kingdom