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PUGGN05 - Enterprise Power BI Development Lifecycle

Tuesday, April 24
16:00 - 17:00
Liffey Meeting Room 3

Format: Presentation
Level: Yes - A
Level: Intermediate

When your development team is up to a certain size, and often no matter what size it is, you want to start following best development practices. These include things like source control, multiple environments, deployment processes, and governance. As Power BI content is developed using Power BI Desktop and not Visual Studio as most Microsoft BI solutions are, these things can get tricky. In this session we will look at what Power BI has to offer when it comes to development lifecycle. We will look at the different options available to the developer when it comes to source control, dev, test and production, and deployment of Power BI content. We will then look at the different options when it comes to distribution of content to the end user. Lastly, we will look at governance and see how it is possible to secure the content and audit the usage of Power BI. For all these topics we will look at the capabilities Power BI offers and how we, in the company where I work, decided to implement it.

Ásgeir Gunnarsson

Developer BI & MDM

Ásgeir works as a Business Intelligence Developer for Össur. Ásgeir has been working with business intelligence for over 10 years, and with Power BI since its inception.
Ásgeir has been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional twice for his technical experience implementing Microsoft BI, as well as his contributions to the community as speaker and a user group leader. Ásgeir presents on international conferences such SQL Saturdays and others multiple times each year. In 2017 Ásgeir has presented Power BI sessions on SQL Bits, SQL Nexus, Microsoft Data Insight Summit and few other conferences.
Besides speaking on international events Ásgeir also speaks locally and internationally in user groups and teaches multi day courses on Power BI and Power Pivot at the University of Iceland. Ásgeir is the leader of the Icelandic Power BI User Group and the SQL Pass Iceland group


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Enterprise Power BI Development Lifecycle

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