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PUGVZ12 - Power BI Maps - Out of the Box and Way Beyond

Wednesday, April 25
10:30 - 11:30
Room: Liffey Hall 2

Format: Presentation
Level: Yes - A
Level: Intermediate

A session with how to examples of the different ways to create maps in Power BI. Starting with a blank canvas we’ll explore how to use and make the best of the map visuals included with Power BI – Map, Filled Map, Arc GIS Map and Shape Map. We’ll then look at how to take Power BI maps to the next level with the use of custom visuals ending with a detailed look at the new Icon Map custom visual. We’ll talk about pros and cons of the various visuals, how they compare, how to overcome some of the limitations, and how to take advantage of the Shape Map for creating choropleth maps including looking at online tools to create custom shapes in the required format. We’ll also look at the map custom visuals: flow map, heat map, route map, 3D globe, etc. Finally, as the author of the Icon Map custom visual, we’ll take an in-depth look at how to take advantage of this visual’s features. Not only will we explore the features, but we’ll look at how to best structure your data for each map.

James Dales


James is a Practice Director at Altius, a UK based Data consultancy focussing on Microsoft Azure data platforms and Power BI.


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Power BI Maps - Out of the Box and Way Beyond

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