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PRM02 - Why Change Needs to Be Managed

Tuesday, April 24
16:00 - 17:00
Wicklow Meeting Room 1

Format: Presentation
Level: Basic

The session will revolve around the concept of change management. Change management is extremely important in any company trying to implement any type of change and as an ERP implementation is usually very big change, managing it becomes even more important. However, many companies agree that indeed change management is very important, but actually do not manage the change in the company at all, often not really knowing what to do, which can even lead to the wrong group of users being managed. Focusing often on the implementation team, which is already knee deep in the change but forgetting about the majority of users who will 'suddenly' get a new system - those are the ones that you truly need to get on board with the change - that is what change management should be about. With the help of some simple improv exercises for the entire group, the session is not only a little bit more fun than just listening to someone talk all the time, but anyone attending will also actually really experience what change feels like, why it is often so hard and thus why change management, if done correctly, can be such a great tool.

Lidwien Hummelink

Product Manager
Dynamics Software

Lidwien Hummelink is a Product Manager at Dynamics Software, 35 years old and comes from the Netherlands. Her ERP-journey began back in 2005 on Axapta 3.0 as an end user, growing with the system to eventually become an international internal ERP-consultant in 2011. In 2016 she joined Dynamics Software, broadening her horizon even further with new versions, products and industries.

She enjoys looking at the world from different perspectives, using improv to challenge (her own) existing ideas and routines and believes these principles can be translated to the business world to positively influence many business processes.


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Why Change Needs to Be Managed

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