Blast and Impact Loading and Response of Structures

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505358-7 - Structural Design of a Blast-Resistant, Three-Story, Multi-Module Process Building

Friday, April 26
1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Location: Celebration 1-2

This paper documents the structural analysis and design of a blast-resistant, multi-module process building. The structure consists of six individual building modules connected to each other using bolted connections to form a single three-story structure with plan dimensions of 40 ft x 40 ft. Elevated equipment on a roof-mounted platform result in an overall building height of approximately 76 ft. Heavy process equipment inside the building and on the roof, including silos, mixers, cranes and storage racks, present unique structural design challenges in the face of achieving blast resistance with large interior open spaces. The building features an innovative idea to speed up the fabrication time, at the same time avoiding the need to work on-site, thereby allowing fabrication to occur offsite in a controlled environment with minimal on-site construction. The authors performed a detailed finite element analysis, using the general purpose finite element software ABAQUS, to evaluate the structural performance of the building during a blast event. The interior and exterior connections between modules were designed to allow a quick assembly of the building both in the fabrication yard and on-site in the building’s final position, while being able to safely resist and transfer blast loading to the foundation. Blast design considerations, the blast analysis procedure, lifting analyses, and structural design challenges are also discussed in the paper.

Paul B. Summers

Senior Principal
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger

Mr. Summers has over 35 years of experience in analysis and design of buildings, structural components, and industrial facilities subjected to static, dynamic, blast, high wind, fire and seismic loadings. He is a registered professional and structural engineer, and has served on a number of committees charged with developing design and evaluation criteria for both new and existing facilities.


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505358-7 - Structural Design of a Blast-Resistant, Three-Story, Multi-Module Process Building

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