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338132-10 - Blast Testing of Axially-Loaded Cross-Laminated Timber Structures

Saturday, April 21
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Location: 202CD

Results from a series of blast tests performed in October 2016 on three two-story, single-bay cross-laminated timber (CLT) structures demonstrated the ability of CLT construction to resist airblast loads in a predictable fashion. These tests were performed on structures without superimposed load to limit inertial resistance. Subsequently, a follow-on series of tests was performed to investigate the response of axially-loaded CLT construction. Panels damaged during the preceding test were removed and replaced. Axial load was applied using precast concrete blocks to simulate the loaded condition of a five-story building at the first-floor front panel of the structures. This test structures were exposed to two shots: the first was designed to keep the structures within their respective elastic ranges while the second was designed to push the structures beyond their elastic limits. Reflected pressure and peak deflections were recorded at the front panels of the test structures to document the two-way panel load distribution behavior under a dynamic load event and the clearing of the shock wave. Prior to conducting the blast tests, a small number of tests were performed on Tyndall’s load tree to aid in test planning by investigating the post-peak response of individual CLT panels of various lengths to quasi-static out-of-plane and axial loads applied simultaneously. This paper provides an overview of the results obtained from both the quasi-static and blast tests of axially-loaded CLT. Additionally, the paper compares CLT structure, component, and connection response across the suite of data. Design guidance for non-load bearing and load bearing CLT construction exposed to airblast loads is offered.

Mark K. Weaver

Karagozian & Case, Inc.

Mark Weaver is a Principal at Karagozian & Case, Inc. where he utilizes engineering and computational methods to analyze and design a wide variety of structural components to resist the effects of blast and impact loads. His experience includes the blast resistant design of window, door, wall, and roof systems for both new and existing structures requiring analysis methods ranging from single degree-of-freedom to high-fidelity physics-based dynamic analysis methods. In addition, Mr. Weaver has served as the principal engineer on several test programs demonstrating the ability of timber, concrete, and steel systems to resist airblast, gas pressure, and fragmentation loads. Mr. Weaver is a licensed Professional Engineer (Civil) and Structural Engineer in the state of California.


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338132-10 - Blast Testing of Axially-Loaded Cross-Laminated Timber Structures

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