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337103-14 - Nonlinear Analysis of AFRP Connections of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Decks

Friday, April 20
1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Location: 202CD

How does this session impact and improve the Structural Engineering Profession?
By addressing some of the shortcomings in AFRP reinforced prefabricated concrete bridge decks connections, as well as constructability challenges. This can help to design a more cost-efficient bridge and enhance flexural and shear performance of fiber reinforced concrete bridges.

Prefabricated Bridge Elements and Systems (PBES) have rapidly improved construction time given the formation of these elements and systems away from the site and later transported to the site for assembly. However, there is a need to connect bridge decks to ensure that the transfer of stresses generated by static and dynamic loading is accommodated. An analytical investigation using COMSOL5.2a© Multiphysics is presented to address some of the shortcomings in PBES connection detailing and construction challenges using AFRP bars in PBES connections when subjected to service and earthquake loads using a harmonic forced vibration analysis, which determines the displacement amplitude (mm) vs. harmonic frequency (Hz). As such, the connection’s initial rigidity, ability to transfer shear stress across a joint, and strength degradation of each connection due to cyclic loading is evaluated via a 7-ft cut-out cross-section (strip specimen) of a bridge deck for non-seismic and seismic regions. Moreover a nonlinear static analysis is conducted on the developed numerical model and results are verified and calibrated with previous full-scale test data. A modification is made on the conventional PBES connections to enhance flexural and shear performances and results are presented in detail. Rotational capacity of the AFRP reinforced concrete deck is investigated, and ductility of conventional connection is compared with the enhanced PBES connections suggested in this research. Results show the ductility of the bridge deck with the enhanced connection is significantly improved and the proposed detailing can be considered in FRP reinforced bridge design. This study will provide technical background, address constructability challenges, and provide a design example concerning the development of bridge connections using AFRP bars.

Is this topic of regional, national or international interest?
The topic is of international interest .

Who is the target audience?
The research targeting university faculty and design professionals in structural engineering.

What will the audience take away from your presentation?
- Understanding the shortcomings in prefabricated reinforced concrete bridge deck connection detailing and construction challenges using AFRP bars in PBES connections.
- Audience will be introduced to the simulation of prefabricated AFRP reinforced concrete bridge deck connections and nonlinear considerations.
- Learning the method we used to address the shortcoming of conventional connections.
- To figure out how to evaluate ductility of flexural FRP reinforced concrete members.

How will this session help the audience in their job?
The audience will be able to use results of this research to enhance durability and flexural strength of bridge decks by replacing steel bars with AFRP bars. Meanwhile they can enhance the PBES connections performance, using the proposed method and increasing ductility. The faculty also can use this research to expand study on AFRP reinforced concrete members such as columns, beam-columns as well as foundations. This research provide new information to assist audience in designing PBES concrete bridge deck connections.

Mehdi Shokouhian

Faculty Lecturer
Morgan State University

Dr. Shokouhian is a Faculty Lecturer in the Department of Civil Engineering, Morgan State University. He earned his PhD in Structural Engineering at the Tsinghua University and his research focuses on performance-based design of structures made of high performance materials using theoretical, numerical and experimental methods. He has participated in many research projects and has published several peer-reviewed journal papers since 2004.


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337103-14 - Nonlinear Analysis of AFRP Connections of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Decks

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