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343850 - Bridge Inspection and Condition Assessment Using Image-based Technologies with UAVs

Saturday, April 21
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
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Aging and deterioration of road infrastructure is becoming a serious problem worldwide. Especially in the US, every bridge as defined by the National Bridge Inspection Standards (23 CFR 650 Subpart C) is required to be inspected at regular intervals not to exceed 2 years, while the number of bridges has been increasing year by year, 614,385 bridges by 2016. In order to prevent the impending degradation of these bridges, periodic inspection and assessment for proper maintenance are indispensable; thus, better methods are needed to detect defects and quantify the extent and severity of bridge deck conditions early, accurately, and rapidly with minimal traffic impact, ideally without lane closures. Authors have been conducting research on image-based bridge inspection technologies using infrared thermography (IRT) and high-definition (HD) image-based crack detection. The data collection speed of integrated IRT and HD systems is a great advantage for periodic bridge inspections compared to current practice visual and sounding inspection methods or other NDE methods; hence, there is a great potential to reduce inspection time, labor, and budget drastically as well as to better utilize experienced inspector’s time. Especially for bridge deck inspection, image-based technologies have a great potential to conduct much faster inspections than traditional practices, more than 1,000 times faster, with reasonable accuracy. As for other components, they can also be conducted much faster than current sounding tests since it does not require direct contact to the concrete surface, which can eliminate traffic control and lane closures for special inspection vehicles and platforms.
In this study, bridge inspection based on these image-based technologies using vehicles and UAVs to prevent traffic control and lane closures will be discussed. Especially IRT application for bridge inspection has some limitations and proper conditions to obtain reliable data. Therefore, this paper presents those solutions and proper conditions to conduct bridge inspection without traffic disturbance using image-based technologies for bridge engineers and inspectors.

Shuhei Hiasa

Visiting Scholar
University of Central Florida

Dr. Shuhei Hiasa is a Visiting Scholar at University of Central Florida (UCF) and Civil Engineer at West Nippon Expressway Company Limited (NEXCO-West), one of Japanese highway authorities which constructs, maintains and operates highways in western part of Japan. He received his Ph.D. at UCF in Civil Engineering with emphasis on infrared thermography for subsurface damage detection of concrete structures in 2016. He also received BS and MS degrees in Civil Engineering at Hokkaido University in 2005 and 2007 respectively.


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Enes Karaaslan

Ph.D. Student
University of Central Florida



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Necati Catbas

Professor and Director, Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering Department
University of Central Florida

- Professor of the Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering Department at the University of Central Florida and founding director of Civil Infrastructure Technologies for Resilience and Safety (CITRS) ( Dr. F. Necati Catbas is an educator and a researcher currently serving as a full professor at the University of Central Florida. He teaches undergraduate and graduate level courses in the area of structural engineering, bridge engineering, structural dynamics, finite element analysis, structural health monitoring and advanced engineering topics.

Prof. Catbas has several publications and research projects on the development, integration, and implementation of sensing, information, modeling and simulation technologies, parametric and nonparametric structural identification, image-based technologies for structures such as bridges, buildings, aerospace structures and components, lifelines, and stadium structures.


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343850 - Bridge Inspection and Condition Assessment Using Image-based Technologies with UAVs

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