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343475 - Precast prestressed concrete through-girder system for shallow bridge structures

Saturday, April 21
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Some of the small to median span bridges including interstate highway overpasses require shallow structures that satisfy critical vertical clearances. Due to the limitation on the superstructure depth and layout of bridge piers, the conventional stringer girder system may not be feasible. As a result, other structural systems such as arch bridge have to be used, which significantly increases the construction cost and time.

This paper presents an innovative precast prestressed concrete through-girder system that can be implemented in shallow bridge structures. The through-girder system includes precast concrete box beams that are spliced through post-tensioning. It also includes precast concrete double-tee cross beams that span transversely between the through-girders. The transverse joints between adjacent transverse beams use ultra-high strength concrete that allows to minimizing the joint width and providing satisfactory performance. Steel members such as angles are attached to the inner side of the through girders, which provides seats for the transverse double-tee beams and allows to meeting the bridge profile. To enhance the aesthetic appearance of the bridge, the section height of the through girders can gradually be reduced from the middle span to the girder end, forming a parabolic profile. These through girders can work as bridge barriers or additional barriers can be provided per bridge owners’ standard practices.

Design and detailing of various components including the through-girders, transverse beams, and connections are addressed. 3D analysis accounting for the critical load cases and the local analysis at the end zones and connections are included. A numerical design example is included to show how this system can be designed and detailed and various design criteria are discussed.

C. Shawn Sun

Assistant Professor
Louisiana Tech University

Dr. Sun is an assistant professor at the Louisiana Tech University. He has more than 15 years of experience in research, teaching, and professional practice in structural engineering. His research interests include the behavior and design of prestressed concrete structures, accelerated bridge construction, innovative bridge systems, evaluation of existing concrete structures, instrumentation and monitoring of structures, and full-scale testing. He has performed design, construction engineering, inspection, and rehabilitation of numerous types of structures, including buildings, bridges, tunnels, and culverts, and has been involved in many award-winning projects related to the use of high performance concrete and steel.


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343475 - Precast prestressed concrete through-girder system for shallow bridge structures

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