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343459 - Identifying Bridge Foundation Systems from Operational Data for Reuse

Friday, April 20
1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Location: 203A

The reuse of existing bridge foundations during superstructure replacement is increasing in popularity due to the potential for time and cost savings. In many cases, an existing foundation will need to be reanalyzed for new loading or design codes for it to be suitable for another 75-year design life. While these foundations have a demonstrated history of performance, there is often limited data available from their original construction, and important details like depth or type may not be available. There is interest in the bridge engineering community for solutions to determining the details of unknown foundations, and to verify the performance of existing foundations. A methodology is presented that uses dynamic strain and acceleration measurements taken from substructure elements during operational loading to characterize the behavior of the underlying foundations. These measurements are used to assemble frequency response functions (FRFs) that describe the load-response behavior of the tested foundation element as a function of frequency. This method only requires that a limited number of measurements be performed on exposed portion of the bridge substructure (piers, columns piles, etc.), and can be performed during daily operational conditions. The direct result of this analysis is an updated and realistic boundary condition that can be used during modeling of the superstructure in place of the fixed conditions typically used. Furthermore, this methodology can be used to identify foundation depth and type, verify design parameters, and update finite difference models of piles and drilled shafts. A case study is presented where dynamic measurements were taken from an in-service drilled shaft.

Nathan Davis

Tufts University


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Masoud Sanayei

Tufts University



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343459 - Identifying Bridge Foundation Systems from Operational Data for Reuse

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