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342045 - Design Optimization of Shear Wall High-Rise Building Structures l

Saturday, April 21
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Location: 204AB

In this paper, a new structural design optimization is proposed for shear wall building structures. Structural design optimization is aimed to minimize an objective function, usually defined as total weight or cost of material used. The building code strength requirements or drift limitations are defined as optimization constraints. For computational comfort, these constraints are usually implemented in the objective function in the form of penalty functions. The optimization problem is usually solved using stochastic searching algorithms such as Genetic Algorithm. This framework has two major drawbacks; Genetic Algorithm or generally stochastic searching algorithms is computationally expensive and, satisfying code requirements for strength and drift is always superior to reducing cost. In other word, reducing the material usage is justifiable if the safety and serviceability requirements are satisfied first. This priority is not respected in most existing optimization methods. In this study, a two-step optimization design framework is proposed. In the first step, the minimum required member sizes that meet the requirements of the code are estimated. The objective function is defined as the difference between the desired probability distribution of demand to capacity (DC) ratios to the estimated DC ratios from the design. The desired probability distribution is set based on the completed projects with slight modification to further reduce member sizes as much as possible. Markov Chain Monte Carlo samples are generated at this step both for optimization and for evaluating the contribution of each structural design parameter to a specific quantity of interest such as story drifts or natural frequencies (sensitivity analysis). In the second step the sensitivity analysis results are used to find the optimum solution to satisfy drift requirements or limiting building natural frequencies to specific values. The proposed framework is applied on a 70-story building to be constructed in New York City, NY.

Iman Behmanesh

Senior Engineer, Analysis Group, Building Structures


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Chia-Hung (Kenny) Fang

Engineer, Analysis Group, Building Structures



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342045 - Design Optimization of Shear Wall High-Rise Building Structures l

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