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341307 - Deterioration Modeling of Steel Columns Under Variable Axial Loads

Saturday, April 21
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Location: 201B

The paper presents a new efficient beam-column element based on stress-resultant plasticity and damage mechanics for the simulation of steel columns under extreme loading conditions. The model uses an axial-flexure interaction surface to account for the inelastic axial response and capture the effect of a variable axial load on the flexural response. The strength and stiffness deterioration is described by a damage variable with a continuous evolution. The implementation of the damage-plasticity element with the return-mapping algorithm ensures excellent convergence characteristics for the state determination. The proposed element compares favorably in terms of computational efficiency with more sophisticated models with fiber discretization of the cross section while achieving excellent agreement in the response description for homogeneous metallic structural components.

The excellent accuracy is confirmed by the agreement with experimental results of steel columns under monotonic and cyclic loading. The model is able to describe accurately the main characteristics of steel members, including the accumulation of plastic deformations, the cyclic strength hardening in early cycles, the low-cycle fatigue behavior, and the different deterioration rates in primary and follower half cycles. The model also captures well the severe deterioration under high axial compression, the nonsymmetric response under a variable axial force, and the very large plastic axial and flexural deformations before column failure. The validation studies point out the dependence of the strength and stiffness deterioration on the section compactness, the element slenderness, the axial force history, and the axial shortening of the columns.

Because of its computational efficiency and excellent accuracy, the new column element holds great promise for the large-scale seismic response simulation of structural systems with strength and stiffness deterioration.

Thanh N. Do

Postdoctoral Researcher
University of California Berkeley


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Filip C. Filippou

University of California Berkeley



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341307 - Deterioration Modeling of Steel Columns Under Variable Axial Loads

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