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341032 - Arctic Engineering: Structural Evaluation and Repair on the North Slope of Alaska

Friday, April 20
3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Location: 201C

Performing structural repair work on the North Slope of Alaska presents obvious logistical and environmental challenges. Geotechnical concerns must also be considered given the nature of permafrost and the effects of varying subsurface soil conditions. Many structures on the oil fields of the North Slope are comprised of large modules housing various types of industrial equipment. The equipment often generates significant amounts of heat resulting in design temperature differentials of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit between the inside of the module and the outside artic air. This temperature differential along with several other factors result in unique deterioration mechanisms throughout the buildings.
Before implementing repairs to address structural deficiencies, identifying the root cause of the damage is of critical importance. This paper is targeted at structural design and inspection professionals and will focus on the assessment of a specific module located on the North Slope with a deteriorated roof system. An on-site field investigation was initially performed to confirm as-built drawings and identify areas of corrosion and damage that could result in a reduction of structural capacity. During the site investigation of the module, multiple buckled diagonal braces were noted throughout its braced frames, leaving the structure vulnerable to design level wind and seismic events. The forensic efforts undertaken to determine the root cause of the bracing failures, the evaluation performed to assess the criticality of the damage, and the repairs designed to restore structural integrity will be discussed. Ultimately, through the detailed site investigation and data evaluation, the root cause of the damage was identified and an appropriate repair strategy is in process to mitigate potential instabilities resulting from the failed lateral bracing members.

Nicholas Triandafilou

Structural Group Manager
Brindley Engineering Corporation

Mr. Triandafilou is the Lead Structural Engineer for Brindley Engineering Corporation, based in Lisle, Illinois. Brindley Engineering is a multi-disciplined engineering firm that focuses on maintenance, reliability, and construction solutions. Mr. Triandafilou is a licensed P.E., S.E. with over 16 years of experience in the design, analysis, rehabilitation, inspection, and strengthening of industrial structures, bridges, and waterfront facilities. He is a Certified Weld Inspector and a committee member of ACI 546D Packaged Repair Materials.


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Tom Brindley

Brindley Engineering Corporation



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Mustafa Mahamid

Clinical Associate Professor
University of Illinois at Chicago

Mustafa Mahamid is currently a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago and a structural Engineering consultant for multiple structural engineering firms. He serves on several technical committees. He is a Fellow of ASCE, a Fellow of SEI, licensed structural engineer (SE) and professional engineer (PE & P.Eng.).


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341032 - Arctic Engineering: Structural Evaluation and Repair on the North Slope of Alaska

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