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340818 - Analysis and Behavior of Composite Transmission Towers

Friday, April 20
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Location: 202A

Composite transmission towers are hybrid systems that have been introduced to practice. Being composed of the most two used materials, structural steel and concrete, composite transmission towers present many advantages such as: economy, rigidity, fire resistant, durability, high stiffness due to the use of concrete; high strength, high ductility, easy to assemble and fast to erect due to the use of steel. Recently, composite columns in transmission towers have been replacing the old timber and steel transmission towers worldwide, especially in USA and Europe, yet little research has been performed in this field. Being composed of structural steel and non-homogenous concrete makes these structures behavior challenging to predict. Therefore, this study presents the analysis and mechanical behavior of composite transmission towers.
Three-dimensional non-linear finite element models were built using ABAQUS to compare and validate the behavior of the towers and materials against previous experimental work. The models include detailed analysis and investigation of the concrete and steel behavior up to failure using Concrete Damage Plasticity (CDP) and Bilinear Elasto-Plastic Model respectively. Further extensive study was performed using different load cases to predict the behavior of bonds and load transfer between concrete and steel in composite transmission towers. Good comparison between the FE results and the experimental work has been achieved which leads to studying and investigating multiple forms of composite transmission towers.

Kamel Bilal

PhD Candidate
University of Illinois at Chicago

Continuous 10 year of academic path in the field of civil engineering, BSc degree from Damascus University, M.Eng diploma from University of Illinois at Chicago, and currently in the process of completing doctoral program working on the nonlinear behavior of composite structures.

2 years of working in the profession as site engineer in reinforced concrete project.


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Mustafa Mahamid

Clinical Associate Professor
University of Illinois at Chicago

Mustafa Mahamid is currently a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago and a structural Engineering consultant for multiple structural engineering firms. He serves on several technical committees. He is a Fellow of ASCE, a Fellow of SEI, licensed structural engineer (SE) and professional engineer (PE & P.Eng.).


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340818 - Analysis and Behavior of Composite Transmission Towers

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