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Secure, Service-Oriented, Open Coordination of Autonomous DER Equipment

Wednesday, September 26
4:30 PM - 4:45 PM
Location: 203AB

This concept focuses on security and simplicity for end-users, which are closely tied to system organization. Taking a service-oriented approach, this concept is built on encapsulation of complexity by emphasizing behavior at interfaces and avoiding constraints on approaches used internally by system participants. Standard communication techniques using existing protocols implemented by well-tested open source software will allow the growth of an open, competitive ecosystem. Businesses participating in this system will have incentives to seek increasingly effective strategies, which will be reflected in cost savings for all participants.

Key decisions in this concept are to grant autonomy to DER equipment and to use only “high-level” messages throughout the system. The DER equipment is empowered to regard all messages as suggestions, providing protection against suspicious messages or network failure. Furthermore, “low-level” decisions about internal equipment operation are left to the equipment programming by its manufacturers, who have the deepest knowledge about the operation of their own products. Rather than being occupied with management of the internal operation of DER equipment, other parties can focus on high-level strategies for providing grid services, hence the messages sent through the system are high-level messages that only describe desired observable behavior. Since only the DER equipment has direct control over internal operation in response to messages, it is expected that data logging combined with machine learning techniques will play a major role throughout this system. Data logs will also help to verify the responses of DER equipment to the high-level suggestions, as required to determine the effectiveness of the messaging strategies.

Furthermore, the proposed system takes advantage of the physical access that DER Facility Operators have to DER equipment in order to establish secure communications and operate securely with minimal effort by end-users.

Kenneth Higa

Project Scientist


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Secure, Service-Oriented, Open Coordination of Autonomous DER Equipment

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