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Live Taping of Solar Coaster Podcast

Wednesday, September 26
4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Location: Installer Training: Booth 1486

The Solar Coaster is Hawaii’s premier renewable energy themed AM/FM radio talk show. Each week, we feature news, technology and personalities from all facets of the energy industry. Our listenership ranges from interested homeowners all the way up to industry leaders who tune in and participate from around the world. Listen any time at http://www.solar-coaster.com

This week, live on stage, Josh and Jay sit down with Rémy Millot, Project Coordinator of Peace Boat's “Ecoship” project.

Be there as visionary panelists Boris Von Bormann (CEO Renu Ventures), Catherine Von Burg (CEO SimpliPhi), and Michael Intrieri (CEO Sundrum Solar) dig deep into the technologies, repercussions and potential of the Ecoship project.

With it’s maiden voyage scheduled for 2020, the first Ecoship is poised to revolutionize ocean going transport by using solar sails for both electricity and locomotion, while internally LNG or Hydrogen decrease the carbon footprint of what is typically a heavy fuel industry.

To learn more about Ecoship, http://ecoship-pb.com

Jason Verkaart

Co-Host / Presenter
Solar Coaster L.L.C.

Although something of a futurist, Jason is a relative newcomer to the world of renewable energies but has lived in technology his entire life. His earliest memories were of riding his bike down the street to a friends to get access to their Apple II and Commodore 64, and then learning source code from the magazines of the day since there was no Internet yet.

Attending both NHC Manchester and UMASS for Computer Information Systems, he was hired immediately to become the “data guy” for a microwave telecommunications manufacturer. That experience led to consulting positions working with folks from Wang Computer, Digital Equipment Corp, Toshiba, and others.

In Japan during the 1990s, Jason switched to a software development role, writing a bunch of boring (but necessary) business packages for managing things like the importation of coal into the U.K. To counter this, he also became one of the earliest developers to upload game apps to the then-fledgling iPhone App Store.

Believing that the world truly needs more people capable of developing applications and services for emergent platforms, his most recent endeavor was to create a full robotics curriculum for the 3rd-8th-grade students of Maui. The class has been well received and maintains a wait list even after having been active for 5 years. It has also attracted local attention, winning many Maui Economic Development Board grants.

All the while, he has nurtured an intense love of music, both acoustic and electronic, and will gladly join any karaoke event, and builds synthesizer hardware from the ground up in his spare time.


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Josh W. Porter

Solar Coaster L.L.C.

Raised in Bruce Springsteen country on the beaches of New Jersey, Josh spent a brief year living in Manhattan before heading out on America’s antiquated rail system, eventually making it to Japan. After a year or two in Osaka and Nagano, Josh spent the better part of his twenties based out of Tokyo, developing language and cultural exchange programming for the Peace Boat organization. Twenty global circumnavigations and about a hundred port cities later, Josh moved to Maui HI to raise his five-year-old daughter in the paradise, known as Maui, sitting on a rock in the center of the 21st centuries’ engine room of the planet.

Entrepreneurial by nature Josh has built a stable of companies with a focus on products and services that make him smile when he wakes up in the morning and cry when he goes to sleep at night.

Josh is the Solarcoaster radio program co-host and founder. He started this endeavor because he really enjoys hearing himself talk and wanted to make sure he had an archive of his own voice on tap at any given moment should this insatiable need arise.

Josh is also the President and owner of Maui Solar Project and its subsidiaries. Because he thought it would be noble to duke it out with utilities and other entrenched corporate interests to make sure the next twenty years of living on our planet doesn’t look like a trailer to the movie ” The Day After Tomorrow ” www.mauisolarproject.org.

Josh likes skiing, sailing, golf and other sports of the elite that cost a boatload of money and remind him that he is no longer living in the hood of New Jersey. He’s not very good at any of them although he’s mastered the art of playing badly with a smile.


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Live Taping of Solar Coaster Podcast

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