SPI 2018

Tools for Managing Solar Thermal Systems, Traditional and PV Thermal Hybrids

Tuesday, September 25
3:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Location: Installer Training: Booth 1486

The solar industry needs a legacy of properly operating systems. All systems need some oversight and maintenance over their lives.
Traditional solar thermal, PV and PV-Thermal Hybrids all can experience common but preventable failures. Monitoring operations allows service technicians and owners to manage their assets. Systems that are not monitor risk unnoticed failures causing lost return on investments. Installers, service technicians and building owners/managers will learn how to benchmark their system's performance and setup warning signs of performance problems or system failures. Web-based monitoring allows installers to offer virtual service contracts keeping overall maintenance cost low. Monitoring solar assets such as PV and solar thermal should include both collection and distribution monitoring. So, load management is part of the offer which can increase the installer's business prospects. When building owner and facility managers can see (view only) operations and technician have the tools to remotely manage systems performance and reliability, it produces a partnership for success.

Henry K. Vandermark

Solar Wave Energy, Inc.

Henry K. Vandermark, President Solar Wave Energy Inc.

Henry founded Solar Wave Energy in 1978 where he has been involved in design, installation and service of solar thermal systems including site-built and factory-built collectors. He spent 30 years servicing many types of solar hot water systems used in the Northeast and brings detailed analysis and that hands-on experience to solar monitoring. He currently oversees the team that has built and operates www.thermal-grid.com , a web-based solar thermal monitoring platform designed to help installers optimize performance, manage service of solar thermal systems and provide reports for performance based incentives program, Thermal PPAs, and company fleetst. Monitoring experience includes conventional solar thermal systems with flat-plate and evacuated tubes panels as well as hybrids (PV-Therms/PVT) panels combining thermal and electrical production. He has taught conference workshops, trade school classes, and programs for teachers. He continues to consult on solar thermal designs for building applications and portfolio management using the Lifetime Commissioning platform.


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Tools for Managing Solar Thermal Systems, Traditional and PV Thermal Hybrids

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