Walking Session: O & M

Thursday, September 27
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Location: Hall B Entrance

During this walking session, attendees will learn from industry experts about best practices in incorporating Operations & Maintenance processes and technologies in their business strategies. After a brief introduction, everyone will move to the expo floor to meet leaders in the industry who will share how O&M helps maximize system production and longevity as well as a healthy ROI.

John R. Balfour, PhD

President and Chief Technology Officer
TRIP for Energy and the Environment, and High Performance PV

John R. Balfour, MEP, PhD, LEED AP, President, CTO, PV Cosmologist
Energy Professional

President / Founder:

The Energy Doctor 1977, PerfectPower Inc. 1998, High Performance PV, 2010, The Technology Research & Innovation Park, 2012

Active in the PV industry since 1977 as "The Energy Doctor", an experienced sustainability, renewable energy professional.

Work and publications:
SunShot and other proposal evaluation and analysis for the US DOE, participation in Standards development including: the Sandia National O&M Working Groups, ASTM PV Installation Commissioning, Operations & Maintenance (ICOMP), TUV ANSI Qualification Plus, MLPE, the IEC IR and Electroluminescence Standards. He is the developer of Preemptive Analytical Maintenance (PAM).

His concern has grown for an industry without effective PV system specification, design, installation & O&M standards resulting in High Performance PV (HPPV) \ is a PV systems-consulting firm steeped in a “systems process” approach addressing all phases of the PV delivery specializing in system Performance Optimization & Reliability (PRO), Preemptive Analytical Maintenance (PAM), project risk and cost reduction.

Has delivered over 1000 projects, as an EPC of on/off-grid residential, commercial & industrial systems, MicroGrids, Building Integrated PV (BIPV) & in the USA, with projects on four continents in extreme hot deserts & Antarctic environments. His focus includes PV education, QA, project development and “due diligence”.

Author: Hundreds of newspapers/ magazines articles, white papers & books:

“12 Questions You Absolutely Need to Answer Before You Buy A Solar Electric System!”
“The Art & Science of Photovoltaics”, 6 text book series, J&B Learning, 2012.
SAND2014-19432 "Solar PV O&M Standards and Best Practices – Existing Gaps and Improvement Efforts"
SAND2015-0587 "Precursor Report of Data Needs and Recommended Practices for PV Plant Availability, Operations and Maintenance"
SAND2015-10223 “A Best Practice for Developing Availability Guarantee Language in Photovoltaic (PV) O&M Agreements”,
"Resource Guide Utility Solar Asset Management and Operations and Maintenance” a SEPA / HPPV publication, 2016


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Walking Session: O & M

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