Solar Energy (photovoltaics)

Technical Symposium

The Right Design for Enhanced Efficiency

Thursday, September 27
11:00 AM - 12:40 PM
Location: 203AB

Henry Hieslmair

Principal Engineer

In his 25 year career in the PV solar industry, Henry Hieslmair has held numerous senior level positions and consulted for many firms in the PV manufacturing industry. He began his PV career with an internship at Siemens Solar Industries in Camarillo CA followed by his materials science graduate and post-graduate work at U.C. Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories on multi and mono-crystalline silicon defects and processing for PV. He has a wide range of experiences in developing technologies for silicon photovoltaics including impurity gettering  and defect mitigation processes, thin silicon and kerfless silicon fabrication, laser doping and processing of silicon, nanoparticle dopant inks, inkjetting of metals and dopants, high-throughput phosphorus and boron ion implantation, and new emitter doping patterns for improved efficiencies. He has authored or co-authored over 50 conference and journal articles, most recently focused on light induced degradation effects and time constants, understanding effects of silicon properties on modern PERC cell characteristics, novel emitter doping patterns enabled by ion implantation, and trends in extended duration module testing. He is currently a principal engineer with DNV GL focused on module reliability.


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Naim R. Darghouth

Senior Scientific and Engineering Associate
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Dr. Naïm Darghouth is a Senior Scientific and Engineering Associate in the Electricity Markets and Policy Group at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Naïm conducts research and analysis on renewable energy policy, both US and international, including electricity rate design and its impact on the value of residential renewable energy systems, economics of renewable energy technologies, and federal and state energy policies. Naïm has a PhD in Energy and Resources from UC Berkeley, and holds a bachelor's and master's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cornell University and Georgia Tech, respectively, and a master's degree in Energy and Resources from UC Berkeley.


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Mark Mikofski, PhD

Principal Engineer

Mark Mikofski is a solar energy analyst at DNV GL. Mark has worked in the field since 2007, predicting system performance and degradation. Before joining DNV GL in 2017, Mark worked at SunPower for 7 years. Prior to SunPower, Mark worked at the solar thermal startup Ausra which was acquired by AREVA in 2010. Mark earned his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California for his study of soot and carbon monoxide formation in under-ventilated fires. Mark is also active in the PV modeling community and has contributed to open source software to model electrical mismatch in PV systems.


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Mark G. Anderson

Chief Executive Officer
Icarus RT, Inc.

Mark Anderson, PE, MBA has been involved with energy project engineering for over 35 years, beginning in the commercial nuclear power industry and more recently with new technologies related to utility scale wind and solar power, waste heat recovery, hydrogen production, waste water treatment and ultrapure water treatment projects in the US and abroad. As a Professional Engineer, Mr. Anderson has been a project engineer, Engineering Manager, Director of Engineering and Construction and as Senior VP and General Manager. He was the Project Director and Engineer of Record for the 29 MW Chevron BrightSource Solar to Steam Project in Coalinga, CA. He currently leads ReTech Engineering, Inc. and Icarus RT, Inc. to coordinate all project activities. Mr. Anderson has participated in panel discussions and provided presentations regarding renewable energy projects contrasted with traditional in the US, Africa, India and Haiti. He has provided recommendations to the US Trade Development Agency for feasibility studies resulting in renewable project development and consulted at embassies in South Africa, India and Haiti.


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Hassan Qandil

Research Assistant
Mechanical and Energy Engineering/University of North Texas

A CEM (Certified Energy Manager) mechanical engineer with 8+ years of experience in various energy and engineering businesses, located between Jordan, Malaysia, UAE, Turkey and India. Currently a Ph.D. candidate in Mechanical and Energy Engineering at the University of North Texas. Qandil's research scope is solar energy, heat transfer and optics.


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The Right Design for Enhanced Efficiency

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