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Energy Storage 201: The U.S. Energy Storage Market for Tomorrow: New Concepts to Leverage Maximum Business Potential

Monday, September 24
12:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Location: 204B

$225 SEIA/SEPA Members
$300 Non-members

Designed for energy storage professionals along the entire value chain, this forward-thinking session will equip your company with the innovative concepts needed to succeed in the energy storage marketplace of tomorrow, with a substantial focus on new opportunities provided by the technology’s unique value streams accrued along the grid. Experts will discuss associated opportunities and how these streams can be monetized in the short-term, identify applications in commercial and utility scale energy storage segments, including virtual power plants, digitalization issues, blockchain and further innovations, which boost business performance. Additionally, this session will highlight the financial value of storage projects and equip attendees on how to proactively model their business processes as efficiently and profitably as possible.

12.30 – 1.00 PM
The Future is Here - Innovations in Intelligent Energy Storage
The sonnenCommunity and the Future of Carbon-neutral Virtual Power Plants
Carlos Restrepo, Vice President Of Technology, sonnen Inc.

1.00 – 1.45 PM
Long-term Financing on Solar + Storage Assets
Long term mortgage debt financing at COD, committed at NTP
Matching PPA/Lease terms, warranties, and revenues to a debt instrument
Solar +/- Storage, personal vs. real property, get the answers here
Positive cash flow at flip enabling refinancing option or sale financing to exit
Moderated by: James Spano, CEC, CIC, Managing Partner, Spano Partners Holding, LLC
Jeff Just, Chairman/Founder, Radiant, Inc.
Jonathan Lieberman, Former Managing Director, Angelo, Gordon, & Co.
Jigar Shah, CEO, Generate Capital

1.45 – 2.10 PM
Storage Market Opportunities at High PV Penetration
Present/review evolving markets for grid-connected storage from frequency regulation, to intraday ramps (duck-curve) management, to firm, on-demand power generation at high PV penetration
Present cutting-edge results on lowest-cost storage/PV optimization and long-term market size prospects to deliver 365/24/7 firm electricity at less $50/MWh in northern US
Marc Perez, Senior Researcher, Clean Power Research

2.10 – 2.25 PM
Refreshment Break & Networking

2.25 – 2.50 PM
Getting your C&I Solar plus Storage Project Financed
Introduction to emerging C&I solar plus storage business models and contract structures
Case studies of Generate Capital-owned solar plus storage projects operating in the market currently
Guidance for developers, manufacturers and software providers for delivering bankable solar plus storage projects
Peter Nulsen, Director, Generate Capital

2.50 – 3.15 PM
Go With the Flow: Making the Case for Lithium-ion Battery Alternatives
Hugh McDermott, Senior VP, Business Development & Sales, ESS Inc.

3.15 – 3.40 PM
Power Quality and Energy Management with Dual Purpose UPS
A dual purpose UPS provides both power quality and energy management services like demand charge management, time-of-use energy management and ancillary services to help lower the total cost of ownership
Applications can include new and existing power quality sites with extensive battery systems such as datacenters, healthcare, and C&I facilities
John Vernacchia, Segment Manager, Renewable Energy, Eaton

3.40 – 4.05 PM
Value Streams from Distribution Grid Support Using Battery Energy Storage
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) collaborated with Sumitomo Electric to provide research support in modeling and optimally dispatching a utility-scale vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) energy storage system
The primary objective of the project was to identify value streams through the application of utility-scale VRFB for local grid support use cases, including voltage regulation, capacity firming, peak shaving/valley filling, and energy arbitrage
Dr. Adarsh Nagarajan, Research Engineer, Power System Design and Studies, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

4.05 – 4.30 PM
Technological Advancements: Safe & Clean Energy Storage with Saltwater Batteries
New generation of saltwater batteries
Comparison to lead-acid and lithium batteries
Lyle Gold, Senior Vice President, BlueSky Energy

4.30 PM
Closing Workshop 201 & Networking

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Energy Storage 201: The U.S. Energy Storage Market for Tomorrow: New Concepts to Leverage Maximum Business Potential

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