Exhibitor Tutorial

PerkinElmer Exhibitor Tutorial: Clinical Implementation of Precision Oncology using Gene-Drug Association

Tuesday, February 6
2:00 PM - 2:45 PM
Location: Room 11B

Genomic characterization of tumors has become essential in facilitating informed decisions in precision medicine era. However, optimal therapeutic approach is often confounded by extensive tumor heterogeneity and genomic complexity. To address such challenges, we have constructed a comprehensive portrait of multisector and longitudinal glioblastoma (GBM) genome and transcriptome. Combined genome and chemical screening of patient-derived isolates have demonstrated two prevalent patterns of tumor evolutionary models, the “Big Bang” and “Multiverse”. The former consists of tumors growing predominantly as a single expansion, producing numerous intermixed subclones, while the latter is defined by tumor clones that are geographically segregated at an early stage of the evolution, leading to the construction of multiple universes. Mathematical modeling of tumor evolutionary patterns delineated the sequential order of somatic mutational events that constitute glioblastoma genome architecture. Additionally, we report the genomic and transcriptomic profiles of 462 patient tumor-derived cells (PDCs) across 14 cancer types, together with responses to 60 targeted agents. Through our robust and efficient high throughput screen platform. Collectively, our work unravels evolutionary inference from integrated genomic analysis in designing more optimum targeted therapeutic interventions and provides unprecedented insights into pharmacogenomic advances that will contribute to empowering precision oncology.

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Do-Hyun Nam

Samsung Medical Center

After obtaining his medical degree, Professor Do-Hyun Nam started his career as a clinical and research fellow at the Department of Neurosurgery at Seoul National University Hospital. He continued his training in cancer biology as a postdoctoral fellow at Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. During his prolific career, Professor Nam has held several prestigious appointments, as the Director of Stem Cell Research Center within the Samsung Medical Center and the Chairman of Graduate School for Health Sciences & Technology, Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine. Presently he has served as the Director of the Institute of Refractory Cancer at Samsung Medical Center.
Prof. Nam has extensive experience and expertise in the field of cancer research. His major scientific achievements include the creation of AVATAR System, which recommends effective therapeutic options for individual patients based on the tumors’ genomic alterations and drug response profiles (Gene-Drug response Map). To provide the recommendation in real time, his research team has established the processes of genomic characterization containing longitudinal samples, patient- matched culture and xenograft models (AVATAR Mouse®), drug response screening in the culture model (AVATASCAN®) and drug response validation in the xenograft model. Using this proprietary AVATAR system, Prof Nam currently working on genome based patient centered clinical trial for precision oncology. In addition, he has made notable advances in the discovery of new therapeutic antibodies for oncology & immuno-oncology using AVATAR system. Prof. Nam has authored over 250 peer- reviewed articles and has received numerous awards for his scientific accomplishments.


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PerkinElmer Exhibitor Tutorial: Clinical Implementation of Precision Oncology using Gene-Drug Association

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