Special Interest Group (SIG)

Sample Management Special Interest Group (SIG)

Wednesday, February 7
12:00 PM - 1:15 PM
Location: 16B

The Sample Management SIG provides a forum for discussing sample library management issues in the modern drug-discovery high-throughput screening laboratory. Sample libraries include discrete compounds, defined compound mixtures, natural product extracts, and biologics (tissues, cells, DNA, RNA, and antibodies). Topics of critical importance include issues involved in:

Sample Collection: Sample acquisition, structural diversity, physical storage, physical manipulation, sample purity and stability.
Materials Management: Logistics, information technology, customer support, quality control and systems integration.
Instrumentation and Laboratory Automation: Sample preparation, sample retrieval, screening set creation, non-scale technologies, and analytical methodologies.

Robert Perkinson

Scientific Leader

Rob Perkinson BS, MS is the Scientific Leader of GSK's Biological Archiving team located at GSK's US and UK R&D hubs. GSK's Biological Archiving team is a centralized, global biorepository responsible for the creation, safe storage, tracking, compliance and provision of a wide variety of biologic reagents, samples and specimens used by GSK scientists and collaborators. Previously, Rob managed biorepositories at Centocor and Johnson & Johnson for 16 years. He was drawn to GSK’s reputation for efficiency, innovation & their unique focus on cryogenic automation & centralized bioasset management.


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Anne Vergnon

Application Consultant
Titian Software

Anne Vergnon is currently an Application Consultant at Titian Software. She received her MS in Chemistry from the Ohio State University. After graduation she started working in Combinatorial Chemistry first at Hoffmann-La Roche then at 3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals, developing her knowledge in Automation to manage the increasing size of the libraries. She then left Chemistry to become Automation Support for the Compound Management and Screening group at Johnson & Johnson, working with various liquid handlers and sample stores. Anne continued in this field when she joined Merck as Automation Support within the Assay and Screening group. She then was reassigned to head the Local Compound Management group supporting the Merck Rahway In Vitro Screening team. During that time she gained experience in Compound Management and In Vitro Assays and understanding the requirements for adequate Automation and IT infrastructure to support these areas.


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Thomas Frech

Director Life Sciences
Xavo Systems AG

Thomas Frech, Director Life Sciences at Xavo Systems AG in Switzerland, started his professional career in 2003 after graduating from University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland with a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering. He has spent most of his career in Lab Automation and IT, working for Chemspeed, Novartis and Xavo.
Through many Lab Automation and Lab IT projects he gained expertise in how to apply Information Technology in order to add value to businesses in Life Sciences.

He gained technical experience when he served as Electrical and Firmware Engineer at Chemspeed and at the beginning of his career at Novartis. In 2007 Thomas concluded a Master of Advanced Studies in Information Technology as best in class. Since then he held roles like IT Analyst and Application Architect. Until he left Novartis, Thomas was acting among others as Solution Architect for an international, business-critical software project. In 2011 he joined Xavo as Product Manager and subsequentially became responsible for Xavo's Life Sciences business worldwide. Today, he is working at Xavo as Director Life Sciences and is responsible for sales and program management for key initiatives.

Thomas served as Vice President and Treasurer of SiLA since July 2016. He served as SiLA working group lead from 2013 till 2016 and is a personal member since 2011.

For more information about Xavo, visit www.xavo.com
For more information about SiLA, visit www.sila-standard.org
For more information about Thomas Frech, visit www.linkedin.com/in/thomasfrech


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Clive Green

Executive Director and Head of Sample Management

Clive Green, PhD, is responsible for the small molecule and human biological sample collections at AstraZeneca. Dr. Green has 17 years of experience in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery, focusing on oncology and cardiovascular disease areas. He has served as an Associate Director in medicinal chemistry, became Head of Compound Management in 2010, and assumed responsibility for AstraZeneca’s human biological samples, in addition to the company’s small molecule collection, in 2014. Dr. Green earned his PhD in Organic Chemistry at the University of Nottingham, and spent two years as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania.


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Mary Beth Burton


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Susan Crimmin

Vice President Discovery Supply
Glaxo SmithKline


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Rosalia Gonzales


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Sample Management Special Interest Group (SIG)

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