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Labware Leachables Special Interest Group (SIG)

Wednesday, February 7
8:00 AM - 9:15 AM
Location: 16B

You know what you added to your plastic assay plate or vessel, but do you know what the plate or vessel may be adding to your assay? We think of plastics as inert, but they can adsorb components from the assay reagent cocktail, which, in turn, will interfere with the assay.
Plastic labware may also contain leachable or extractable compounds that, when released into the assay cocktail, affects assay performance, particularly in terms of cellular growth and differentiation. These compounds include unpolymerized monomers, mold release agents and plasticizers, some of which are known to have biocidal properties.
At the 2018 SIG, we will discuss the submission of a chapter for the Assay Guidance Manual relating to Artifacts and Interferences; so please come with ideas on what would be useful information to include in this section. A presentation will also be given from Corning Life Sciences that describes the recent discovery, isolation and identification of a plastic biocide in vessels used for bioproduction.

Richard M. Eglen

Vice President & General Manager
Corning Life Sciences

Dr. Richard Eglen joined Corning in 2011 with over 33 years’ experience in the Life Science industry, most recently with PerkinElmer where he was president of Bio-discovery and prior to that vice president and general manager of Drug Discovery Reagents. Prior to joining PerkinElmer, Richard held numerous executive management positions in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and biotech industries. Until 2006, he was executive vice president for Research and Development at DiscoveRx Corp (now part of Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services). He also served as vice president of the Center for Biological Research at Roche.

Richard has worked extensively in the GPCR, kinase, and ion channel fields, as well as in assay and instrument technology development for high-throughput screening, imaging, and biomarker detection. He has authored more than 320 publications, book chapters, and patents, and serves on numerous industry, academic advisory, and journal editorial boards. Richard received his Bachelor of Science degree in Special Honours Physiology from Sheffield University, UK and a Ph.D. in Molecular Pharmacology from Trent University, UK.

Since joining Corning Life Sciences in 2011, Richard has been responsible for setting the strategic direction for the division’s growth. This growth included the acquisitions of Mediatech Inc. in 2011, Becton Dickinson’s Discovery Labware business in 2012 and VACCA Biologics in 2017. Richard has also led the geographic expansion of the division, particularly in Asia Pacific, where CLS has invested in new manufacturing and distribution facilities to support regional growth. Richard has used his extensive knowledge to elevate and position Corning Life Sciences within the industry, helping create strong partnerships and collaborations that allow the division to outperform the market and stay at the forefront of new product development.


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Labware Leachables Special Interest Group (SIG)

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