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High-throughput, high-content imaging of physiologically relevant in vitro tissue models

Tuesday, February 6
2:00 PM - 2:45 PM
Location: Room 4

There is an urgent need for more predictive models in preclinical drug development. While 3D cell cultures and complex co-cultures can offer more physiologically relevant tissue models, they have been generally associated with cumbersome techniques, low throughput and poor compatibility with established assays. Microfluidic techniques and especially organ-on-a-chip technology, show great potential to enable the ability to scale complex, perfused 3D cell culture to high throughput.

The MIMETAS OrganoPlate® is a microtiter plate based culture platform for complex 3D, perfused (co)-cultures. It harbors up to 96 tissue chips and is fully compatible with liquid handling equipment, high-content imagers and is easily adopted by end-users.

In our tutorial, MIMETAS will present state of the art techniques for developing, assessing and screening of physiologically relevant organ-on-a-chip tissue models using high-content imaging. We will discuss methods for optimizing assessment of morphology and viability in 3D. In addition, we will highlight phenotypic readouts to allow quantitative characterization of complex tissues using high-content imaging with the ImageXpress Micro Confocal system.
Join our tutorial to learn about:

• Development of physiologically relevant organ-on-a-chip tissue models for drug development
• Translatable assays and readouts for the human kidney proximal tubule, central nervous system, colon, liver and blood vessels
• Quantitative characterization of complex phenotypic effects using confocal imaging and 3D analysis

Also, learn more about bringing automated cellular imaging to your personal bench with the unveiling of our new all-in-one image acquisition and analysis system.

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Sarah Vargas-Hurlston

Director Product Marketing
Molecular Devices

Sarah Vargas-Hurlston has been Director of Marketing covering both Drug Discovery and BioProduction Development. Prior to holding that position Sarah worked as senior product manager at Molecular Devices with a focus on imaging products as well as the FLIPR Tetra System. Throughout her career she has worked on a range of imaging technologies for both clinical and pre-clinical applications. She holds a PhD from Duke University in Biomedical Engineering.


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Jos Joore

Managing Director
MIMETAS - the Organ-on-a-Chip Company

Jos Joore is co-founder and Managing Director of MIMETAS. He is a biotech entrepreneur, co-founder of four companies with over 17 years of executive level biotech experience in a variety of companies including Pepscan, Skyline Diagnostics, Kreatech and Westburg. During his ten-year research career, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Hubrecht Institute (Utrecht) and King's College (London). He holds a cum laude Masters degree in business marketing (MBM), a Ph.D. in developmental biology and a Masters degree in biology.


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High-throughput, high-content imaging of physiologically relevant in vitro tissue models

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