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The New Sound of Sample Management – Development of new technologies and software to enable the use of acoustic liquid handling from sample store to screen

Monday, February 5
12:30 PM - 1:45 PM
Location: Room 5A

To follow the launch of their collaboration at SLAS of 2017, leaders from AstraZeneca, Labcyte Inc., Brooks Life Sciences, and Titian Software will discuss their collaborative effort to develop liquid handlers, automated storage systems, and integration software required to implement acoustic tubes for sample management.

At this event, attendees will hear about AstraZeneca’s experience engaging with multiple technology providers to develop new products for transforming their sample management and screening programs. As AstraZeneca increases the diversity of its screening library, the ability to acoustically transfer nanoliter volumes of sample directly from low-volume storage tubes will enable the screening of rare or difficult to synthesize samples and reduce storage costs. Additionally, the rapid cherry-picking and plating of samples will enable a more efficient creation of target-specific libraries for iterative screening programs.

Attendees will also hear from leaders at Labcyte, Brooks, and Titian, who will describe how they have collaborated with AstraZeneca to bring to market a revolutionary sample management system capable of producing assay-ready plates for screening and other research applications, relying only on acoustic liquid handling to transfer samples directly from storage tubes.

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Clive Green

Executive Director and Head of Sample Management

Clive Green, PhD, is responsible for the small molecule and human biological sample collections at AstraZeneca. Dr. Green has 17 years of experience in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery, focusing on oncology and cardiovascular disease areas. He has served as an Associate Director in medicinal chemistry, became Head of Compound Management in 2010, and assumed responsibility for AstraZeneca’s human biological samples, in addition to the company’s small molecule collection, in 2014. Dr. Green earned his PhD in Organic Chemistry at the University of Nottingham, and spent two years as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania.


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Robin Grimwood

VP & General Manager, Automated Solutions
Brooks Life Science Systems

Robin Grimwood
VP & Global Business Unit Leader, Automated Solutions
Brooks Life Science Systems

As the Global Business Unit Leader for Automated Solutions, Robin has overall responsibility for Automated Storage systems, Consumables including the FLUIDX and REMP brands and supporting Instrumentation. Functional responsibilities include Product Management, Engineering development and sustaining efforts, Operations & Manufacturing and Service delivery. Robin leads an advisory team within BLSS to devise cross-business unit solutions that drive accelerated innovation, product development and growth.
With over 24 years of experience in sample storage & tracking products, cell line and culture products, genetic research instrumentation and laboratory automation, I joined Brooks in 2014 as part of the FluidX acquisition. He was a co-founder and director of the Fluidx business founded in 2006 which became a global leader in innovative sample storage consumables and instrumentation. Prior to joining Brooks, Robin held leadership positions including Director of European Sales for Thermo-Fisher, General Manager and Product Manager for Hollow Fiber Bioreactors and a number of technical and scientific positions with MRC (Cambridge) and AstraZeneca, where he focused on monoclonal antibody and assay development.


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Toby Winchester

Automation Product Manager
Titian Software

Toby Winchester, Automation Product Manager, Titian Software, 2 Newhams Row, London SE1 #UZ, UK Tel: +44 20 7367 6869
Process software business application consultant with 23 years of process management within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and university sectors.
A track record of supporting drug discovery via consultation, change management, line management, project management, product management, quote management and training of teams of diverse individuals.
Solid delivery of data and reduction of timelines through driving and implementing cutting edge solutions to compound management.
With a broad knowledge of the functionality and detailed workings of Titian’s Mosaic product suite. I lead an experienced team of business application consultants to ensure they understand the project requirements, document the software configuration, project manage the implementation of that configuration, testing, ensure customer satisfaction, and evolve processes from the lessons learnt.

Project portfolio management of new customer projects.
Product management of the Mosaic SampleBank suite of software.
Product management of automation integration in the Titian Vendor agnostic environment. This includes marketing workshops, literature and web advertising such as vendor specific web pages.
Quote manager for new Titian projects


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Randy Dyer

Director, Product Marketing
Labcyte Inc.

For over 10 years, Randy Dyer has managed the development of products for life science research. He has helped launch products for liquid handling, integrated automation and software. For the last 7 years, Randy has worked in product management and marketing at Labcyte and currently directs Labcyte’s product marketing team.


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The New Sound of Sample Management – Development of new technologies and software to enable the use of acoustic liquid handling from sample store to screen

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