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The Chromium System for Enabling High Resolution Biology

Wednesday, February 7
10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Location: 7AB

Reconstructing individual genomes and understanding the impact on biology remains a significant challenge. While large numbers of genomes and transcriptomes have been sequenced, the resulting resolution of these data remains insufficient for many applications. Traditional reference based, short-read analysis of genomes provides an incomplete picture of individual genome architecture. Likewise, while traditional transcriptomics has provided many biological insights, higher resolution data will allow for new information to be obtained. We have developed a high-throughput solutions that addresses both areas.

For genomic applications, we partition limiting amounts of high molecular weight DNA such that unique bar codes can be added as part of library generation. This approach allows us to couple long-range information with high-throughput, accurate short read sequencing, generating a data type known as Linked-Reads. Coupling this novel datatype with new algorithms allows us to access a greater percentage of the genome as well as identify the full spectrum of variant types. Additionally, Linked-Reads enable de novo assembly with modest amounts of sequencing.

For transcriptomic applications, our microfluidics system partitions single cells and then barcodes their transcriptional content. This high resolution transcriptional profiling allows for the discrimination of discrete cell types from complex mixtures, allowing for the dissection of complex biological processes at high throughput. This opens up new applications for better discriminating immunological processes as well as understanding tumor micro-environment.

Ben Hindson

Chief Scientific Officer
10x Genomics


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The Chromium System for Enabling High Resolution Biology

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