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Complex Tissue Biology and Throughput in a Microplate-Based Organ-on-a-Chip System

Tuesday, February 6
11:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: 6C

The OrganoPlate is a microfluidic tissue culture platform, which enables high-throughput culture of microtissues in miniaturized organ models. In the OrganoPlate(1), extracellular matrix (ECM) gels can be freely patterned in microchambers through the use of phaseguide technology. Phaseguides (capillary pressure barriers) define barrier-free channels in microchambers that can be used for ECM deposition or medium perfusion. The microfluidic channel dimensions not only allow solid tissue and barrier formation, but also perfused tubular epithelial vessel structures can be grown. We have developed a range of multi-cellular organ- and tissue models for drug efficacy and toxicity studies, including blood vessels, brain, gut(2), and kidney.

In this presentation, I will focus on biological and technological aspects of both healthy and diseased tissue models in the OrganoPlate, including platform specific assays, such as a barrier integrity assay and neuronal network activity assays. I will present data demonstrating that 3D tissues cultured in the OrganoPlate are suitable for any-throughput drug efficacy and toxicity screening, trans-epithelial transport studies, and complex co-culture models in an in vivo-like microenvironment.

1. S. J. Trietsch, G. D. Israëls, J. Joore, T. Hankemeier, and P. Vulto, “Microfluidic titer plate for stratified 3D cell culture.,” Lab Chip, vol. 13, no. 18, pp. 3548–54, Sep. 2013
2. S. J. Trietsch, E. Naumovska, D. Kurek, M. C. Setyawati, M. K. Vormann, K. J. Wilschut, H. L. Lanz, A. Nicholas, C. P. Ng, J. Joore, S. Kustermann, A. Roth, T. Hankemeier, A. Moisan, P. Vulto, “Membrane-free culture and real-time barrier integrity assessment of perfused intestinal epithelium tubes.”, Nature Communications, 2017 accepted

Jos Joore

Managing Director
MIMETAS - the Organ-on-a-Chip Company

Jos Joore is co-founder and Managing Director of MIMETAS. He is a biotech entrepreneur, co-founder of four companies with over 17 years of executive level biotech experience in a variety of companies including Pepscan, Skyline Diagnostics, Kreatech and Westburg. During his ten-year research career, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Hubrecht Institute (Utrecht) and King's College (London). He holds a cum laude Masters degree in business marketing (MBM), a Ph.D. in developmental biology and a Masters degree in biology.


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Complex Tissue Biology and Throughput in a Microplate-Based Organ-on-a-Chip System

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