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1331-B - iPSC derived Microglia-like cells

Monday, February 5, 2018
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Microglia are the tissue resident macrophage of the brain these cells regulate multiple homeostatic and immune system processes maintaining normal neuronal function, turnover and health.

Recent studies have indicated a relationship between microglia and neurodegenerative disease, in particular with the expression of TREM2, CD33 and GBA.  Modelling this cell type in vitro may provide important insights into the mechanism behind the association of this brain resident cell type with neural health and neurodegenerative disease. 

Isolation of human microglia is not commonplace and use of this material in drug discovery limited by quantity, ethics and supply.  Many researchers use rat or mouse derived microglial tissue or aim to mature human peripheral monocytes to microglia by the addition of cytokines. 

Using iPSC technology it is possible to differentiate human iPSCs to microglia-like cells, this cell type overcomes the ethical and supply issues associated with research using human primary microglia and facilitate new discoveries in the area of microglial biology.

Here we describe the differentiation of human iPSCs using a robust methodology to produce large numbers of microglia-like cells for use in basic biological research and drug discovery.  We describe data on cell surface expression profiles, IL1β activation and phagocytosis. 

Censo’s human Microglia-like cells have been characterised and are available for clients to use in drug discovery projects.

Simon MacKenzie

Chief Business Officer
Censo Biotechnologies
Roslin, Scotland, United Kingdom

Simon is a seasoned biotech executive, having held senior business and scientific roles in drug discovery, innovation, business development and collaborative alliance management. He has a successful international track record of working at the interface of academia and industry, generally at an early stage in their development. Having worked with a diverse customer base in Japan, the UK, Europe and the US, Simon has an extensive global network of key figures within the biotech and pharma industry, and a strong knowledge of multiple cultural methodologies gained from working across pharma, biotech, academic and service organisations.