Category: Biologics Discovery

1303-D - Effect of Lipids on ABCA7 ATPase Activity

Tuesday, February 6, 2018
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

deCODE has identified a link between loss-of-function mutations in ABCA7 and late onset Alzheimer’s Disease. ABCA7 is found most highly expressed in microglia in the CNS and in multiple subtypes of myeloid and lymphoid cells in blood. ABCA7 is thought to have floppase activity and function in an energy-dependent manner. Therefore, the ability to detect ABCA7 activity would be a valuable tool for screening for compounds that alter its function. Here, we present some data showing the influence of lipids on in vitro ATPase activity in detergent micelles and proteoliposomes.

Leo Mok

South San Francisco, CA

I have extensive experience with the study and characterization of the structure and function of membrane proteins, with a background in ABC transporters. I am currently involved with early drug discovery efforts at Amgen by bridging the knowledge of the biology behind drug targets with the development and optimization of assays that allow for high-throughput drug screening campaigns.