Category: Automation and High-Throughput Technologies

1253-D - Acoustic liquid handling for quantitative analysis of biological matrices

Tuesday, February 6, 2018
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Acoustic liquid handling, with its capability of delivering extremely low volume of liquid, has the great potential and advantage for discovery quantitative bioanalysis in which obtained samples are usually either in very low volume or to be used for multi-experiments; the technology can also be the vital tool for microsampling in PK/PD studies where very small volume of sample aliquoting is essential. A serial of experiments were conducted using Echo 525 liquid handler to transfer biological samples and prepare standard and QCs in animal and human serum/plasma. The proof of concept experiments are the first in the industry showing the technology application for quantitative immunoassay and LC/MS assay on biologics protein drugs with serum and plasma matrices; the objectives are:
1. To verify that the Echo can quantitatively transfer serum/plasma sample.
2. Verification of bio-matrixes pipetting: different lots of serum/plasma (different viscosity) can be volumetrically transferred based on their own viscosity profiles.
3. Verification of Echo’s direct dilution performance with serum/plasma.
The acoustic liquid handling performance was evaluated by plate based or Gyros immunoassay; the capability of volumetric liquid transferring with different biological species as well as on hemolyzed and hyerlipidemic specimens were also evaluated with LC/MS assay.

Zheng Ouyang

Sr Research Investigator Lab Automation
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Princeton, NJ

Zheng is currently with Bristol-Myers Squibb, as Lab Automation lead in Bioanalytical Sciences (BAS), Translation Medicine. He is primarily responsible for developing and executing the strategy for automation implementation to achieve full capability to provide support for regulated and non-regulated bioanalysis across the entire BAS organization. Enable trained users easy access to finely tuned, highly characterized and capable automated platforms and processes. Zheng has worked crossing R&D and Global Manufacturing & Supply within BMS, in the areas of method development for biologics LC/MS and immune assays, and biologics process development high throughput screening projects and related automation.