Category: Assay Development and Screening

1227-C - Secure and Traceable Acoustic Liquid Handling – An Integrated System for Regulated Laboratory Environments

Tuesday, February 6, 2018
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Key to bioassay success is implementation of multifactorial optimization approaches such as Design of Experiment (DoE) and sample randomization to control for inherent experimental biases. Both methodologies benefit greatly from automated liquid handling solutions that are reproducible, accurate and enable any-well to any-well liquid transfers.

Acoustic liquid handlers utilize sound energy for rapid, non-contact any-well to any-well liquid transfer thus making them ideally suited to the needs of bioassay development and deployment in pharmaceutical, biotech and CRO organizations. Data quality improvements over manual or automated tip based liquid handling systems are readily measurable at significantly lower transfer volumes. Lower transfer volumes lead to reagent savings and enable direct dilution for dose-response testing eliminating dilution error propagation. Compared to automated tip-based systems, the complex transfer protocols required for DoE and randomization approaches are readily accommodated on acoustic liquid handlers and non-contact dispensing removes any sample/tip interactions eliminating sample loss due to adhesion to or contamination from the tip plastic itself. 

Within the listed organizations, bioassays are often run in FDA regulated environments and, as such, benefit from instrumentation that supports user access control, protocol traceability and versioning, protocol approval enforcement and controlled reporting. A barrier to adoption of acoustic liquid handling for bioassay work has been the lack of such controls. Now, Echo® Liquid Handlers can meet FDA 21CFR Part 11 requirements. Newly available software is tightly integrated with Echo® systems and software applications for a seamless experience. We will provide details on how such acoustic liquid handlers can be deployed in regulated labs.

Iain Russell

Sr. Product Manager
San Jose, California

Iain Russell has over 15 years of experience in the Life Sciences industry and the genomics field. Iain joined Labcyte in May of this year and currently manages the Echo® Liquid Handler product line, a series of instruments that enables the touchless transfer of nanoliter liquid volumes with extreme accuracy and precision. Prior to joining Labcyte, Iain managed a broad variety of novel technologies including microarray and qPCR related instruments and consumables. Iain completed his Ph.D. graduate work with a focus on gene expression at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg, Germany, prior to completing a post-doc at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the cell cycle biology field.