Category: Automation and High-Throughput Technologies

1238-D - Washing qPCR Pipette Tips for Reuse with No Carryover using Grenova’s TipNovusMini Tip Washer Systems

Tuesday, February 6, 2018
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Disposable pipette tip usage for automated genomic assays is substantial, contributing to high operational costs and massive waste of plastic. Following one-time use, pipette tips are discarded as waste, incurring additional disposal costs. To address these concerns, we designed a method to thoroughly wash, sanitize, and rinse pipette tips using Grenova’s TipNovusMini automated tip washer system and the TipLumis tip storage system. qPCR validation assays were performed to detect potential carryover or sample contamination in tips washed by this process. In laboratories, cleanliness must be taken to the molecular level, as residual DNA may contaminate future liquid handling processes. Our studies demonstrated the effectiveness of Grenova’s washing system at removing molecular-level contaminants. Dirty pipette tips washed with Grenova’s TipNovusMini Tip Washer showed a 4 million-fold reduction in contaminating DNA compared to unwashed tips, which is sufficient to allow re-use for most applications. Additionally, control samples showed equivalent Ct values in fresh and washed tips, demonstrating that cleaning solutions used during the wash process are thoroughly removed by the rinse cycles, and that no interfering wear occurs. Tips come out of the washer in practically new condition, and can be washed again and re-used up to 10 times, for a 90% reduction in tip costs.

Amanda Graham

Territory Account Manager
Richmond, VA

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