Category: Automation and High-Throughput Technologies

1207-C - Reinventing Sample Management: Integrating New Technologies to Develop a Complete Store-to-Assay Solution Utilizing Acoustic Liquid Handling

Tuesday, February 6, 2018
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

In collaboration with AstraZeneca, Brooks Life Sciences and Titian Software, Labcyte has developed a fully automated system that combines new acoustic tube and acoustic liquid handling technologies with industry leading devices to improve the overall efficiency of assay-ready plate production for screening. The system is optimized to provide a high level of processing throughput and is equipped with a unique integrated environment design to preserve sample integrity.  Additionally, the system implements an advanced LIMS integration to track samples from order creation to scientific assay data.  This poster highlights each new technology and describes how they come together to deliver the ultimate sample management platform.

Justin Jager

Product Manager - Lab Automation
Labcyte, Inc.
Campbell, CA

Automation Product Manager at Labcyte Inc., responsible for overseeing the Access™ workstation and Tempo™ control software. Justin has a BS in Biology from Santa Clara University and has a wide range of laboratory automation experience during his time spend being a, Automation Field Applications Specialist for Agilent and HighRes Biosolutions.