Category: Biologics Discovery

1139-E - Acceleration of Antibody Development Campaigns from Cell Line Generation through Functional Characterization Using the iQue® Screener Platform

Wednesday, February 7, 2018
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Generating antibodies specific to membrane-spanning proteins in their native conformation is very challenging, yet crucial for therapeutic and diagnostic antibody development. The advantage of traditional cell-based assays is that they facilitate the study of antibody-antigen interactions in their native environment, however, they are limited by low sample throughput and require large sample volumes. The iQue Screener platform increases the throughput of suspension cell-based assays to several thousand samples/day using minimal sample volumes. This enables the screening of large antibody panels for properties beyond mere antigen binding to support a campaign from the cell line generation process through functional characterization. In this study, we highlight the experience of ModiQuest Research and how they have implemented the use of the iQue Screener across the antibody development workflow. In addition, ForeCyt®  Software removes the data analysis bottleneck with its advanced data visualization capabilities and plate-level analytics that enable rapid identification of positive hits. With the iQue Screener platform, ModiQuest Research has developed increasingly complex, multi-criteria eir sample volume requirements, time to results and FTE requirements while maximizing their chances of finding therapeutic leads in less time.

Zhaoping Liu

Sr. Scientist II
IntelliCyt, A Sartorius Company
Albuquerque, NM