Category: Automation and High-Throughput Technologies

1114-E - IoT for Real-Time Measurement of High-Throughput Liquid Dispensing in Laboratory Environments

Wednesday, February 7, 2018
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Critical to maintaining high-throughput screening quality control is the need for constant monitoring of liquid dispensing fidelity. Traditional methods involve either operator intervention with gravimetric analysis to monitor gross accuracy of full plate dispenses, visual verification of contents, or dedicated weigh stations on screening platforms that introduce potential bottlenecks and increase cycle time. We present a unique solution using open source hardware, software, and 3D printing to automate dispenser accuracy determination by providing real-time dispense weight measurements via an internet connected precision balance.

This system uses an Arduino microcontroller to connect a precision balance to a local network. By integrating the precision balance as an Internet of Things (IoT) device, it gains the ability to provide real-time gravimetric summaries of dispensing, generate timely alerts when problems are detected, and capture historical dispensing data for future analysis. All collected data can then be accessed via a web interface for reviewing alerts and dispense information in real-time in situ or remotely for timely intervention of dispense errors. The development of this system also leveraged 3D printing to rapidly prototype sensor brackets, mounting solutions and component enclosures.

Justin Shumate

HTS Robotics Engineer
The Scripps Research Institute
Jupiter, FL

Justin joined the Lead Identification/HTS group at Scripps Florida in 2014. He is responsible for all Lead Identification robotic screening efforts, and runs dozens of assays per year on Scripps' proprietary >600,000 sample library. Additionally, Justin develops and integrates novel hardware and software to be used in conjunction with High-Throughput Screening and drug discovery at Scripps Florida.