Category: Micro- and Nanotechnologies

1131-B - A Novel Injection-molded Microfluidic Platform with Radial Chemotactic Gradient

Monday, February 5, 2018
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Organ-on-a-chip based on microfluidics technology is a platform that mimics the structural, biological, and physiological characteristics of target organs. More closely mimicking the in vivo environment within an organ-on-a-chip is important for observing and analyzing the physiological characteristics of cells and tissues. Recent works show cellular communication using a bio-molecular gradient in one direction to mimic the organs. This paper presents an injection-molded 3d co-culture platform that incorporates a novel 'donut-like' circular design in which the intercellular communication takes place radially. In addition, multiple hydrogels can be sequentially patterned using capillary filling along shallow channels. Robust hydrogel patterning is performed within one second after a simple, straightforward liquid loading. Two significant mechanisms, vasculogenesis and angiogenesis which perform the formation of the blood vessel network in the embryo, can be reliably reproduced in the proposed platform. Through the angiogenic factors delivered in every direction from the center observed followed by the formation and sprouting of blood vessel network. The radial communication of the cells provided by the circularly designed structure implements a more effective environment for vascularized tumor model. The platform not only provides efficiency throughout the experiment across device manufacturing, cell array and observation, but also provides an intuitive view for the vascularized tumor model. This versatile platform not only can be developed as a model for vascularized organ-on-a-chip, but will also be of great help in studying disease models for high throughput drug screening.

Noo Li Jeon

Seoul National University
Gwanak-gu, Seoul-t'ukpyolsi, Republic of Korea

Major in mechanical engineering. Currently, I'm researching on Organ-on-a-Chip based on MEMS and 3D printing techniques.