Category: Chemical Biology

1370-A - Studies on the cytotoxicty of 2D Ti2C based MXenes

Monday, February 5, 2018
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

MXenes are a family of atomically thin, two-dimensional (2D) transition metal carbides and carbonitrides exhibiting many promising properties. Two-dimensional MXenes have been already reported as the potential antimicrobial agents [1]. Our previous studies, for the first time, showed selected aspects of the in vitro toxicity of 2D sheets of Ti3C2 MXene [2]. For better-understanding the health and environmental impacts of the new 2D carbides, we investigated the properties of single-layer Ti2C flakes in suspensions. We also checked the impact of surficial modification with polyethylene glycol on 2D Ti2C MXene biological activity. The cytotoxicity of studied materials was tested against two normal (HaCaT and MRC-5) and two cancerous (A375 and A549) lines, derived from skin and lung, respectively, by using MTT assay and staining with calcein-AM. Concentration dependent effects were observed after 24 and 48 h of exposure for two studied compounds. The in vitro results also indicated that the observed toxic effects were higher against cancerous cells compared to normal ones. The mechanism of potential toxicity was also elucidated. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) dependent stress induction by tested materials was monitored in the presence of a non-specific fluorescent dye, 2′,7′–dichlorofluorescein diacetate (DCF – DA). The results of our research provide the principal knowledge about the biological activity of the MXenes; such knowledge is the critical for further researches and development on MXenes’ applications in bioscience and biotechnology, e.g. as drug-delivery systems.
The scientific work was financed from the budget for science in the years 2016-2019, project no. JP2015027774 Ministry of Science and Higher Education.
1. K. Rasool, M. Helal, A. Ali, C. E. Ren, Y. Gogotsi, K.A. Mahmoud, Antibacterial Activity of Ti3C2Tx MXene, ACS Nano 10 (2016) 3674-3684.
2. A. M. Jastrzębska, A. Szuplewska, T. Wojciechowski, M. Chudy, W. Ziemkowska, L. Chlubny, A. Rozmysłowska, A. Olszyna, In vitro studies on cytotoxicity of delaminated Ti3C¬2 ¬MXene, Journal of Hazardous Materials 339 (2017) 1-8.

Aleksandra Szuplewska

MSc Eng, PhD student
Department of Microbioanalytics, Faculty of Chemistry, Warsaw University of Technology
Warsaw, Not Applicable, Poland

Aleksandra Szuplewska was born in Poland, in 1991. She received the B.E. and MSc degrees in chemical technology from the Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland in 2014 and 2015, respectively. In 2015 she joined the Chemical Sensors Research Group, Institute of Biotechnology, Warsaw University of Technology, as PhD student. Her current research interests include the bioanalytical chemistry and the in vitro studies on biological activity of the novel two-dimensional materials called MXene.