Category: Micro- and Nanotechnologies

1043-D - Cyclic Block Copolymer - A Novel Versatile Material for Life Science Application

Tuesday, February 6, 2018
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

A novel material, Cyclic Block Copolymer (CBC), is developed. CBC is a hydrogenated product, with hydrogenation level > 99. 5%, of the precursor - styrenic block copolymer, such as SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene). The hydrogenation reaction transforms almost all the double bonds in the constituents (e. g. styrene and butadiene) to single bonds. This transformation leads to saturated polymer molecules, resulting in stable polymer with superior optical properties. Since the precursor of CBC is made of anionic polymerization process, the living polymerization gives high purity with low residuals. Our research program found this novel material has remarkable optical properties with light transmittance of 92%, excellent deep UV transmission down to 210 nm, and low auto-fluorescence. CBC with high purity exhibits low leachables/extractables. The material which is inherently non-polar possesses superior chemical resistance to high polar solvent such as alcohol, DMSO, etc. CBC consists of only two components - carbon and hydrogen. This structure makes CBC chemically inert towards biomolecules. The chemical processes including polymerization and catalytic hydrogenation reaction for making CBC will be described. Polymer structure architecture via phase diagram, morphology control, etc. to alter material properties will be elucidated. Life science applications in the forms of UV microplate, high-content microplate screening, point-of-care cartridge, and microfluidics, such as for fluorescence-based in-vitro diagnostics, UV absorbance measurements of DNA/protein concentrations, and high-resolution cellular imaging applications, etc. will be discussed.

Moh-Ching (Oliver) Chang

Deputy Chief Technology Officer
USI Corporation
Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan (Republic of China)

Dr. Moh-Ching (Oliver) Chang graduated from Lehigh University with Polymer Science and Engineering Doctorate in 1987. Since his graduation, he has worked with Monsanto, Bayer, GLS, Baxter, and Hollister as R&D scientist and manager in the U.S. and Germany for 31 years. He has had about 20 technical papers and 30 patents. Dr. Chang joined USI Group in Taipei, Taiwan in 2015 and currently he is VP R&D and Deputy Chief Technology Officer of the Company. With USI, his focus has been on CBC processes, product and application development; hygiene film; and ABS optimization.