Category: Assay Development and Screening

1053-D - High-throughput 3D H&E staining and visualization of 3D in vitro tissue models

Tuesday, February 6, 2018
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

In the drug discovery process 2D in vitro models are being replaced in many instances with 3D in vitro tissue models as they more accurately mimic in vivo tissues than traditional 2D tissue cultures. However, 3D in vitro tissue models introduce many new challenges as imaging them in their entirety with traditional optical systems can be limiting due to light attenuation and their size reduces histopathology throughput. To address these short-comings, eosin and fluorescent nuclear stained spheroids were cleared and imaged using high content confocal imaging to generate data-rich 3D H&E renderings of entire HepG2 3D spheroids. This approach was able to generate dozens of H&E optical projections for each spheroid in a high-throughput setting without the need for sectioning or manual manipulation. It was demonstrated that these fluorescent optical projections are comparable to traditional 2D H&E sections according to pathologist characterization.

Thomas S. Villani

CSO and Co-Founder
Visikol Inc
North Brunswick, NJ

Dr. Villani completed a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry at Rutgers University. After inventing Visikol at Rutgers University, Dr. Villani went on to co-found Visikol Inc. and is currently the CSO of Visikol Inc. At Visikol, Dr. Villani focuses on the development of novel assays and applications of tissue clearing in drug discovery and histological imaging.