Category: Micro- and Nanotechnologies

1205-A - An optofluidic platform for sample preparation-free, cost-effective, portable enumeration of blood cells in cerebrospinal fluid

Monday, February 5, 2018
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Enumeration of blood cells in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is an indispensable tool to diagnose pathological conditions in central nervous system such as meningitis, even though collecting CSF samples is invasive. However, current cell counting methods lack the necessity sensitivity to detect low numbers of blood cells in CSF, depend on manual sample preparation and fluid handling, or require bulky, costly equipment that can limit rapid, on-site testing of delicate CSF samples. To address the challenges, we present a comprehensive optofluidic platform that incorporates on-chip sample preparation and miniaturized integration of a bright-field/fluorescence microscope. These features significantly improve the way of performing blood cell detection, saving time and labor from the point of sample injection to analysis without user intervention. We tested the clinical utility of the platform by performing on-chip fluorescence staining of nucleated cells in minutes and in-situ differential cell counting of fluorescent white blood cells (WBCs) and non-fluorescent red blood cells (RBCs) in CSF. Collectively, the versatility and small footprint of the optofluidic platform make it ideal for prompt testing of blood cells in CSF samples which are typically rare and easily degrade ex vivo.


Undergraduate student
Kyung Hee University
Yongin-si, Kyonggi-do, Republic of Korea

Yujin Lee is currently a BS candidate in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Kyung Hee University. Yujin's research is focused on improving the way ones are performing biological and biochemical experiments in a laboratory. To achieve this goal, she spent considerable time in developing a miniaturized microscope. The fabrication of the palm-sized microscope requires a depth of knowledge in the fields of optics, 3D printing, and kinematics. Yujin is now developing a novel cell counter for enumerating blood cells in clinical fluids by integrating a novel miniaturized microscope that enables both bright-field and fluorescence cell imaging and a reagent-contained cell counting chamber that eliminates the need for off-chip sample preparation.